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News w/e 10th February 2023

2EW’s Class Assembly: On Friday 10th February, we were treated to a wonderful retelling of the traditional tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, which was made even more entertaining with some singing and dancing. The children clearly know the story very well and they have also enjoyed sowing seeds and watching their very own “beanstalks” grow, in their classroom! Thanks for sharing 2EW – we hope your visiting parents enjoyed it, as much as we did!


Year 5 Mental Health Workshop: The Mental Health in Schools Team (MHST) visited Year 5 on Thursday 9th February to discuss how to deal with changes in their lives A lot of things are changing around us and recently most children have had quite a lot of time away from school, as a result of the pandemic. The classes discussed how they had coped with this time and how they could help others who were also experiencing change. Lots of interesting and thought provoking questions were asked by the team such as: has anybody heard of the word resilience before? What does it mean? What is resilience and how can we build it? The children then identified what they felt was good about themselves and who they could talk to for help when managing changes that were happening in their lives.  It was a great opportunity to explore an often difficult and personal topic. Year 5 really enjoyed this visit and the activities they took part in.


Football Success: On Thursday 9th February, our football team won convincingly against local rivals, St. Patricks. The team worked well together and created some fantastic chances – the final score was 3:0 and man of the match was awarded to Max.


Year 6 Visit to Grace Academy: On Tuesday 7th February, the children in Year 6 spent the morning at Grace Academy, using their science facilities. They used resources to explore whether or not fruit and vegetables could conduct electricity and were amazed when they discovered that they did! The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and are all very keen to return soon. Well done Year 6.


Safer Internet Day: This year for Safer Internet Day, the focus was for children to think about what they want the government, parents, teachers etc to know about their online lives. The children participated in class discussions and shared what they like to do online. There were some great conversations about being responsible and respectful, whilst online. All children made a poster about their lives online and one poster from each class will be chosen to be on display in school. For further tips or advice about online safety, please have a look at this website:


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