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Mr Mcilroy is the attendance officer at Moat House Primary School. Ensuring the best possible school attendance for all pupils is a school priority in order to enable children to achieve their best. The school expect all children to achieve at least the Government minimum target of 95% attendance in an academic year.


If your child/ren are absent from school, we ask all parents/carers to notify school on the first day of absence and continue to keep school informed for the duration of the absence (speak in person or by phone to a member of office staff or leave message on school’s answer phone). If there is no communication, a home visit will be carried out by members of staff.


We work with parents to ensure that they understand the importance of uninterrupted education and that to request a leave of absence during term time, requires exceptional circumstances for the school to authorise that absence. Term time holidays cannot be authorised. Unauthorised absences can lead to a fine.  


Parents are required to complete a form notifying the reason for the absence from school and the dates, including the expected date of return. The Headteacher will consider all requests on an individual basis. He will take in to consideration the nature of the request along with the child’s attendance and attainment at that time.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child's attendance, please don't hesitate to pop in to see or phone Mr McIlroy on 02476 612073.

We are always keen to support parents to ensure that attendance at Moat House is good (or better) and for this reason you may receive a Groupcall message before school begins as a reminder that classroom doors will be opening soon. 


At Moat House, we are constantly looking for ways to improve attendance. With that in mind, for this year’s attendance reward scheme we have decided to try an exciting new incentive! In order to motivate each child, we will be rewarding classes with a penny for everyday that a child is in. So, if your child’s class has thirty children and they were all in school for a whole week, that would be 30p a day and £1:50 for the week!


The children will then discuss with their teachers on how to spend the prize money! Good luck!


Our School Target for Attendance is:97%

Friday 13th May 2022

Current school total attendance is:



Last week's attendance:


The class with the best attendance was:    6CB

Attendance money won:                     £1:48


Attendance Challenge 2021 – 2022:

    LastMoney earnedMoney earned 
Up/DownClassClass NameOverallWeekthis weekTotal 
6CBThunderBIRDs Are Go95.70%99.00%£1.48£38.40 
4SGGilmour's Money Makers94.60%98.00%£1.47£37.67 
3DWWiltshire's Winners93.50%91.00%£1.37£36.24 
5STTaylor's Mighty Millionaires93.30%92.00%£1.38£37.43 
6JKEarning Everyday93.20%98.30%£1.42£37.29 
2EW2EW Know It93.10%93.60%£1.31£33.37 
5SH5SH Are Never Late92.50%93.30%£1.40£36.94 
4MWThe Fantastic 4MW92.40%93.30%£1.40£36.45 
1ETThompson's Timekeepers92.10%91.60%£1.15£29.36 
3NL3NL Before The Bell90.80%95.30%£1.43£35.30 
1RWWalker's Winners90.80%95.20%£1.19£29.51 


At Moat House, we are always keen to encourage excellent attendance and during our virtual assembly on Friday 28th

January, all children who achieved 100% attendance for the second half of the Autumn term were given the chance to win a prize. Using the online lucky wheel of fortune, ten names were randomly chosen to win a voucher. The following children were selected by the wheel and they will receive their prize next week: Leia (Y1), Bradley (Y2), James, Victory (Y3), Liam, Milan, Sienna (Y4), Aminat (Y5), Abraham, Hariam (Y6). Well done to everyone who achieved 100% attendance and keep up the good work – maybe you will be lucky enough to be chosen by the wheel at the end of this half term!


Mr McIlroy (Attendance Officer) introduced the new school year’s attendance challenge to the children in a virtual assembly in September. He reminded the children about how important it is for them to attend school every day and introduced our latest reward scheme, whereby the children can earn 1p for every day that they are in school, so 1 day = 1p – it’s as simple as that! The reward scheme was very successful last year and Miss Wiltshire’s class (who were called Wiltshire’s Winners) were the overall champions and managed to achieve £32.25; they enjoyed spending their money on an end of year party with dancing, glow sticks and party food.


Holidays in Term Time:      

Can I remind you that we are not legally allowed to give children time off during term time to go on holiday.  This was a decision made by the Government a few years ago. 

Can you please check our holiday dates when booking holidays and ensure that any holidays that you take are during the school holidays. Term time holidays can lead to a fine for each child who goes on them. Thank you.

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