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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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School Meals

School Meal Reminders:

  • Order must be placed by Tuesday for the following week. Can you please make sure your children know which dinner you have chosen for them each day. Meals are cooked according to what you order and we are not able to change them (even if the children would prefer another option). It might be helpful if you and your child make the choices together
  • Please place 1 order for each child
  • If you have informed us your child is having school meals every day, unless you tell us otherwise you will be billed weekly in ADVANCE for the meals
  • If you do not place your order by Tuesday latest, your child will be given the main menu option each day (dietary dependant)

School Meals:  

We have noticed a severe drop in the number of orders being placed online for school meals. If the order is not placed, we will give your child the main option of the day dependant on their dietary requirements. Once the option is selected, it cannot be changed as the food is made to order. That means if you have not informed us of your child’s choices for the week, they may not have a meal of their liking that day and we are unable to give them an alternative. We are seeing vast amounts of food not being eaten and thrown away. Please help us to ensure your child is given a filling meal that they will enjoy each day by submitting your school meal choices on time every week. Thank you.


School Meals: 

Full details of the school menu will be on your child's classroom door and will be available on our school website.


Chinese Lunch:    

On Monday 8th February, the school kitchen held a Chinese themed lunch so the dining hall was decorated with Chinese lanterns, dragons and bunting. Children were able to choose from vegetable spring roll, chicken curry, chow mein and egg fried rice to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


American Lunch:        

On Thursday 14th January the school kitchen held an American themed lunch so the dining hall was decorated with American flags and bunting. Children were able to choose from beef burger in a bun, Californian BBQ chicken or New York veggie hot dog. Our next themed lunch will be held on Monday 8th February, where there will be a range of Chinese dishes to celebrate the Chinese new year.

Working Together