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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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What is HADO?

HADO is the world's first augmented reality sport. It is played on a 10x6m court, with up to 3 players on each team. Players shoot orbs of energy at their opponents through actions in the real world, picked up by sensors worn on the wrist and head. The aim is to shoot their opponents to destroy their shields and gain points. 


HADO Tournament

A group of ten Year 5 children participated in a HADO tournament on Wednesday 19th June. The children worked in teams of three to throw virtual bolts at their opponents to break their shields, whilst dodging around on a small court. The team that broke down the most shields won! The group took turns to play in one of the two teams that Moat House had entered. All of the children did really well playing this new sport and were great ambassadors for Moat House. One team came fifth in their group and the other team came third. Well done to all of the children who took part!

Working Together