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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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4MW: Fire Safety

Week beginning: 8th May 2023


This week, Year 4 had two firemen in school teaching us all about the importance of fire safety. Although the firemen were called to a fire and 4MW didn't meet them, they still took part in the learning. We learned how quickly fire can spread and how important it is to have two smoke alarms in the house and check them regularly. The children had great ideas about what they could do to stay safe in their own homes and what they may do if there was a fire. They also learned about stop, stop and roll if fire was ever on their clothing.


They also learned about safety when crossing the road. Children showed their knowledge of what is and what isn't sensible when crossing the road, such as running or using head phones and not checking carefully. The children were incredibly sensible and asked fantastic questions. 

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