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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Year 3: Our Emotions


Week beginning: 23rd January 2023


On Monday 16th January and Wednesday 25th January, Year 3 took part in emotional awareness and emotional regulation workshops. During the first session, they identified emotions and described the physical effects this can have on the body and your brain's ability to process this. During the second session, the children learnt that it is okay to feel different emotions and they were reminded that they can talk about their emotions with trusted adults too. The children learnt about triggers for certain emotions, and they thought of some strategies to control their emotions using a zones of regulation table to guide them. In addition to this, they were taught how to use rollercoaster breathing, deep pressure exercises and movement as strategies to calm down if they are feeling like they do not have control of a certain emotion. The children found the strategies very useful, and they enjoyed learning more about their emotions.

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