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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Castle Wood School Connections

School Council Visit to Castle Wood:           On Monday 24th June, our Key Stage 2 School Councillors visited Castle Wood to discuss the impact of the work that they have done over this year. They were all surprised with the amount of things that they have achieved, including fundraising for local (as well as national) charities and the purchase of bins on the shared site to improve the cleanliness of the environment.


School Council: On Monday 11th March, our Key Stage 1 School Council members visited Castle Wood, where they shared the work they have been doing on improving waste collection on the shared school site. They all represented Moat House brilliantly and were treated to an Easter egg hunt, as a reward for their excellent work!


School Council Visit to Castle Wood:           On Monday 11th December, our Year 4, 5 and 6 School Councillors visited Castle Wood to share ideas about how we can improve the joint site. They decided that they would like to reduce litter on the shared site and so we will be sharing ideas of how we can all help to make our shared site a better place for everyone.


Fun with Castle Wood:       On Friday 5th May, a small group of Year 3 children went with a member of our staff to visit Castle Wood School. They had been invited to visit the Art Gallery that the children of Castle Wood have set up to commemorate the King's coronation. There was some wonderful art work to see and the children had a lovely time.


Two children from our Reception visited Year 2 at Castle Wood School on Thursday 4th May to join one of their classes in a maths disco. Our children had a lovely time and were fantastic ambassadors for Moat House!


On Wednesday 3rd May, we welcomed Castle Wood’s School Council to Moat House and together with some of our School Council members, the children took part in a special Coronation crown hunt. The children had great fun searching for special crowns in the school grounds and once they had found them all were treated to a prize for their efforts.


Working Together