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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Homework Expectations

Can you please support your children by checking that they complete and submit any homework that they have on time. They will often practise skills that they have been taught in class or do research for topic based work and it is an important part of their learning. Children will also have spellings and times tables to learn as well as reading (daily if possible) to an adult. The more opportunities they get to practise reading; the better they get.


On a weekly basis, children are set Maths, Literacy and spelling homework. It is expected that all children will complete this work and hand it in on time. As well as an important way to reinforce work that has been done in school, the children need to adopt good habits before going to secondary school. For these reasons, teachers may set up homework sessions at playtimes and/or lunchtimes for children who don’t return their homework. This will apply to KS1 and KS2.

We have very high expectations of your children and we want them to achieve to the best of their ability.  Learning is a continuous process, it doesn’t stop at the end of the school day and that is why we want to encourage children to work outside school hours.


What homework will our children need to do?

 This will depend on the age and the ability of each child.


For our younger children it may mean:

  •  Reading practise

  • Learning spellings
  • Practising sorting and counting


 Older pupils may be asked to do work such as:

  •  Learning multiplication tables (class teachers will advise which tables the children need to know for their age)

  • Reading a range of different books
  • Researching information through books, magazines and the internet
  • Practising rules of grammar and learning spellings (there are keywords for each Year group or Phase that children need to learn)
  • Mental mathematical problems


 How can parents help?

  • By encouraging your children and showing an interest in what they are doing
  • By listening to your children read regularly
  • By talking to the class teacher about any particular homework you want to help with
  • By making sure your child completes all the homework tasks and returns them on time


 If you have any queries about homework

  • Have a conversation with your child’s class teacher and then if you are still worried make an appointment to see member of the Senior Management Team

 We view homework as a key factor in improving the learning of children and with parent’s help we can certainly make our children’s progress even greater.

Working Together