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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Joy of Movement


Year 4 took part in a five week programme with Sky Blues in the Community, which was called 'Joy of Movement'. The aim of the programme was to encourage children to lead healthy, active lifestyles and to understand the benefits of exercising regularly. Throughout the programme, they learnt how to identify a physical activity and the impact that physical activity can have on your mental health. They conducted a pulse rate experiment to calculate their resting heart and their heart rate after physical activity to identify the changes to our body and our mood when completing physical activities. They also developed their knowledge of flexibility, stamina and strength and they could identify which skills you would need for different sports. Within each session, they took part in a physical activity session and learnt many new games which can be used to increase their physical activity both in and outside of school. they thoroughly enjoyed playing scarecrow together. They cannot wait for next week's session!




Working Together