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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Building Learning Power (BLP):

Staff received further BLP training on the teacher day at the start of the Spring term. The idea behind BLP is that if children learn how to become better at learning they will make better progress and will develop strategies which they can use for the rest of their lives when they come across a problem that needs to be solved. This term we will be continuing to work with children on the subject of Perseverance. They will be covering five areas: what to do when they get stuck; emotional toughness - expecting learning to be 'hard work' and not giving up if things aren't 'easy'; managing distractions - knowing what or who to avoid so they can get on with their learning; dealing with challenge - resisting the temptation to stick with 'easy', can-do activities; and goal orientation - being able to set and work towards achievable goals. Can you please help us by encouraging your children to have a 'can do' attitude. If they tell you that they can't do something, can you please say to them the same thing that we'll be saying at school - "You can, but just not yet!"

Working Together