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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Last Weeks News 19th Jan 2024

Sky Blue Links: On Thursday 18th January, Year 6 took part in an anti-racism and discrimination workshop, which was also run by Sky Blues in the Community, with the help of a local police officer. The children were encouraged to discuss some of the key issues with racism and were shown examples of campaigns that aim to stop racism in football and in the wider community. The children listened thoughtfully and joined in with discussions surrounding the issues raised during the workshop. Following the workshop, the children were given the task of designing a poster to raise awareness of the importance of ending racism. The top ten designs will be displayed around the school and the children will win free tickets to watch a Coventry City match at the CBS arena.


Phonics Meeting for Parents:   On Wednesday 17th January, we welcomed our Year 1 parents in to school to find out how we teach phonics at Moat House, using Read Write Inc. They also enjoyed observing their own children participating in their phonics lesson.


Sky Blue Links: On Tuesday 16th January, Year 4 enjoyed their second session with Sky Blues in the Community. This week, they learnt how physical activity can have a positive impact on the body and mind. The children then learnt about the flexibility, stamina and strength needed for specific sports. Finally, they finished off by playing circle football, which they thoroughly enjoyed!


Assembly Visitor:       Brian Nash, the vicar of St Chads church and one of our governors, came into school on Monday 15th January to share a story from the Bible. He told us the story of Gideon and about how he became a brilliant warrior and defeated the army of the Midianites to save his people. There were actions that everyone had to join in with which made the story even more interesting. The children really enjoyed the story and joined in well with their parts. Thank you, Brian.


Healthy Eating Week:  In the week beginning 15th January, our children took part in Healthy Eating Week, where there was a focus on learning about the benefits of eating healthily. The children have learnt that it is important to eat a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and plenty of fruit, vegetables and water and that treats can be enjoyed in moderation. We hope that they can encourage everyone at home to adopt good food habits to benefit the whole family.

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