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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Sports Week

In the week beginning 21st June, each year group held their own individual sports day, which unfortunately we weren’t able to share with parents, due to Covid restrictions. The children participated in the different events that make up our traditional sports day, including a running race, standing long jump and various throwing events, like the javelin and discus. As usual, the children were all able to earn points for their house team and we will be able to report the final results in next week’s newsletter after the final count has been completed.


As part of Sports Week, classes also got involved with a range of activities that they might not normally enjoy, for example in Year 5 the children took part in Just Dance and in Year 3, the children invented their own sports game, which included them having to decide on the rules, select equipment and even teach the game to their friends!

Working Together