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Moat house primary school

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Last Weeks News 2nd Feb 2024

Kapsch Careers Talk:     We were fortunate to have a visit from Shari, a Business Manager at Kapsch on Friday 2nd February. They are responsible for the software that manages smart motorways and a variety of other traffic solutions, eg traffic lights 'knowing' when to change as a car approaches and early warning of accidents on roads which allow Satnavs to suggest alternative routes. Shari explained how an interest in IT and coding could lead to someone working as a software engineer or coder at companies like Kapsch. KS2 children listened with interest as she described the jobs that are available at Kapsch and what children would need to study at primary and secondary school to prepare them for a job in IT.


Non-Uniform Day:           Thank you to everyone for your support in wearing non-uniform on Friday 2nd February in exchange for providing cat food and/or treats for our local charity “Fagin’s Waifs and Strays.” Kirsty and Pat will be delighted with your contributions.


Read Write Inc in Reception: On Wednesday 31st January, we welcomed our Reception parents in to school to find out how we teach phonics at Moat House, using Read Write Inc. They also enjoyed observing their own children participating in their phonics lesson.


Star School: In the week starting Monday 29th January, Evie, Hishaam, Ashfaina (Year 4) and Aisha (Year 2) made their radio debut on BBC’s CWR Star School feature. Everyday this week, we have enjoyed listening to our children talk about their views on the news, as well as what they love about Moat House - we even heard from some of our superstar Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bivens and Mrs Shirley, who pretended they were shy about being on the radio! If you missed it, you can catch up on BBC Sounds.


Dol-y-Moch:    From Wednesday 24th January, our Year 6 children spent an action-packed week at Dol-y-Moch. They had the opportunity to participate in lots of exciting activities, including: canoeing, kayaking, rock scrambling, climbing mountains and exploring mines. Some children climbed up a waterfall inside a mine to reach the top of it! All of the children showed great resilience when facing new challenges and with a little encouragement, many were able to overcome their fears. The Dol-y-Moch staff commented on what a resilient, respectful and determined group of children we had in Year 6. If you would like to see photographs of the children during their adventures, there are lots on the Moat House X (Twitter) account, which you can find: @Moat_House

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