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Last Weeks News 24th Nov 2023

Temporary Classroom:       Over the next few weeks, we are having a temporary classroom delivered and installed opposite the Year 2 classrooms (where the see-saw is). Can we ask that you follow any safety signs or instructions as it is set up to keep you and your children safe. We will be using it to teach an additional Year 2 class due to the number of children in Coventry who need school places.


6ST’s Class Assembly:       6ST shared a very informative assembly with us on Friday 24th November all about World War One. We were fascinated to hear that children were given important jobs during the war, such as delivering milk and medical supplies. 6ST were able to recall many of these facts from memory, demonstrating their amazing retrieval practice, which is a whole school focus at the moment. Milan and Juliette read out the diary entries that they had written, from the perspective of a soldier. We all enjoyed the children sharing the poppies that they had made and hearing them sing an adapted version of “Pack up your Troubles.”


Cinema Visits:     On Thursday 23rd November, Year 2 enjoyed a trip to the Showcase Cinema to watch Epic Tails. It is the story of a mouse with dreams of travel and big adventure. Year 2 have been learning about the Romans in History and found many similarities between what they have learned and the setting of the film, which was in Greece. Our Reception children were treated to a wonderful cinema experience where they saw two films: the Smeds and the Smods and Superworm. For some children, this was the first time they had been to a cinema but all were amazingly well behaved and were enthralled by the experience.  Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without popcorn and a drink, which was thoroughly enjoyed and munched down during the film. Thanks to Rugby Cineworld for their friendly and welcoming staff! On Monday 20th November, 4NL visited the Odeon cinema in town as part of the Into Film Festival. They were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed watching Super Mario Bros 2. All of the children were exceptionally well-behaved and they showed excellent manners. At the end of the film, the children broke out into a round of applause and they sang along to the ‘Peaches’ song too. They had a fabulous day!


Safe Touch Workshop:       On Monday 20th November, 6CB participated in a workshop run by the charity CRASAC. Throughout the session, the children considered different scenarios where they may feel scared and then worked in groups to decide which of the following categories the scenario fell into: 'fun to feel scared', 'risking on purpose', 'unsafe' or 'safe'. Some of the scenarios considered were: going to the dentist, riding on a rollercoaster, being approached by a stranger and going to the dentist. The children then discussed the meaning of 'personal space' and explored how it feels when somebody enters your personal space. All of the children showed great maturity during the workshop and were all able to identify the best steps to take in situations where they may feel unsafe. 

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