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Last Week's News 1st March 24

5LM’s Class Assembly: On Friday 1st March, we enjoyed 5LM’s class assembly – the children have been learning all about the French Revolution and how this historical event enabled the people of France today, to enjoy liberty and equality. Asher and Marafi played King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, whilst Bogdan was a very dramatic Napoleon. Thanks to 5LM – you have clearly learnt a lot on this topic.


3SHG’s Class Assembly:    Thank you 3SHG for sharing the story of The Barnabus Project with us on Wednesday 28th March. This was all about creatures being valued as individuals, despite their differences. As well as retelling the story, the children shared some of the non-chronological reports which they had written about it, as well as some of the key messages about having a positive mind, being proud of who we are and not being afraid to make mistakes. They finished off by singing 'This is Me' which was so popular they repeated it at the end!


Safety Seymour in Year 2: Safety Seymour is a fun and colourful character who has an important message to share about gas safety in the home, and the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (or CO) poisoning in particular. The session (on Wednesday 28th March) focused on educating children in a fun and engaging way on the dangers of carbon monoxide, what the symptoms are and also how to stay carbon monoxide safe. All of our children were fortunate enough to take home a carbon monoxide alarm, safety certificate and keyring with the contact number for families to call if they have any concerns around carbon monoxide in the home. Additional information can be found via


Life Skills Curriculum: Changes have been made to enhance our PSHE and SRE curriculum. At Moat House, our young people will now learn ‘Life Skills’ which has nine areas of learning; Safety, Feelings and Mental Health, Bullying and Discrimination, Relationships, Community and Respect, Physical Health, Money and Careers, Digital Safety and Growing and Changing. All of our lessons will be based around story books to support children’s learning and their understanding of all areas of our new curriculum. We aim for pupils to know how to be safe and healthy as well as how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way!

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