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Last Weeks News 10th Nov 2023

4NL’s Class Assembly:      What a great performance we enjoyed on Friday 10th November! 4NL did an excellent job of telling us all about the Ancient Greeks, which is what they have been learning about in their history lessons. We found out about how heroic the Spartans were, about how democracy began in Greece and about how the Ancient Greek philosophers found out more about the world by looking and questioning things. There were also some amazing rapping Greek gods. Well done, 4NL! You were all brilliant!             


Year 6 Cinema:    On Thursday 9th November, all Year 6 children went to Cineworld in Rugby to watch the movie 'The Railway Children Return'. The film had direct links to our history topics that we will be learning later this year, including the Suffragettes and World War Two. All children said that they enjoyed the film and some children even became a little emotional at the happy ending! Additionally, every child behaved exceptionally and were a credit to Moat House!


Grow Workshop:  On Wednesday 8th November, our Year 1 children enjoyed a morning at the Daimler Powerhouse Studios. The children were fascinated by a performance, which told a story through body movements and recycled materials with a very important message about looking after the planet. The children then verbally retold the story and left with the understanding that every single person can do their bit to look after the environment and prevent climate change.


Year 5 Dodgeball Competition:        On Tuesday 7th November, eight children from Year 5 represented the school in a dodgeball tournament at the AT7 centre. They played against four other schools and were graded on their teamwork skills and on the respect that they showed to their opponents during and after the match. All of the children were really well behaved and represented Moat House brilliantly. 


Movie Night:       On Tuesday 7th November, we welcomed parents and children in to school where they enjoyed the movie “Super Mario Brothers.” Snacks and drinks were provided and everyone enjoyed family time together. Watch this space for the next parent and child event.

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