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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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At the end of each day, Mrs Elms tells a Happy Ending Story about one of the children in the class.

Children feature in the Happy Ending Story when they stand out during the day through their amazing efforts with their learning, kind behaviour towards their friends or their helpful actions in the classroom.

Children look forward to hearing the daily story and discuss who they think it might be and why.

This week one child said, “I think the Happy Ending Story will be Leighton because he did great numbers in Maths.”

When children feature in the Happy Ending Story, they earn the responsibility of class helper the following day. Children then carry out important roles such as putting the daily weather chart on display, taking and collecting the register from the office and making sure that the fruit and milk are topped up in the snack bar.

Here is what one of the children said about being the Happy Ending Story this week, “Because I was being kind I was helping the teachers. It makes me happy.”

Once a child is chosen, the entire class are encouraged to celebrate with them and congratulate them on their recognition and achievement. 

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