Learning Mentors


Learning Mentors

Hello our names are Debra Bradford and Jaime McIlroy. We are here to support your children’s pastoral times in school and help break down any barriers to learning they come across.

We support children in many ways:

We run a breakfast club every day to help some parents and children who need support in the mornings before school

We are part of the lunchtime staff so we are available to help children with social interaction and overcome any problems they have during their play times and reflect on their behaviour choices

We organise activities and run after school clubs Monday to Thursday for the children to enjoy their chosen interests

We support children and families with their attendance and punctuality, to meet the government expected levels to help them avoid penalties

We try to help parents become involved in school events and parent focused groups

We are also part of the safeguarding team in school. Sometimes a Learning Mentor might need to speak with parents or other agencies about things children say or how they behave that we can’t ignore and need to share.

Families who have outside agencies supporting them will have a Learning Mentor linked to the family. They will represent the school and become a point of contact for the parent, the professionals involved, the class teacher and your child in school.

Teachers might ask a Learning Mentor to do some specific work with children. It could be if they are having friendship issues, struggle with their anger or have behaviour issues. It might be on their own, in a group or within the classroom.

A learning Mentor will carry out work around the identified issues for a set time to see if this makes a difference. If this doesn’t help then it might be that school will ask you about making a referral to another agency for further support.

These agencies might be:

School Nursing Team

Time for You Counsellor

Coventry Mind

Positive Parenting Programme

Family Hub

We are here for parents too. If you are facing challenges with things at home and want some advice, please contact our team. We try to be available as much as possible. You will always see a Learning Mentor for the parent coffee morning on a Friday before a family assembly. A learning Mentor is situated around reception from 9am every day. We are available throughout the day but if we can’t speak to you right away then we can arrange a more convenient time.