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4KG’s Class Assembly:

4KG gave us an assembly which was all about the internet on Friday 14th February. They shared some of the brilliant things that people use it for but also some of the problems that it can cause. They then gave us some really good advice; not to meet with anyone who you meet online, not to share personal information online and to always tell an adult if you come across things that worry you. This all linked to the work that they had done on Tuesday which was Safer Internet Day.

3NL’s Class Assembly:

3NL gave us a great assembly on Friday 7th February. It started off with the toe tapping "Dem Bones." They then shared lots of interesting facts about the human skeleton and digestive system. The pasta skeletons that they made were fantastic!

5SH’s Class Assembly:

5SH produced a super assembly on Friday 31st January. It was all about space, the planets and the environment. They impressed us with their knowledge and understanding, as well as a song they had learnt to help them to remember the order of the planets from the sun. They finished by sharing a video, which showed how much they have enjoyed their learning and included them working in groups to make the planets out of paper mache. Thank you 5SH!

4SG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 24th January, we were treated to a fascinating assembly from 4SG all about William Shakespeare. The children had researched lots of interesting facts about the famous playwright and they spoke in loud and clear voices to share what they had found out. We were surprised to discover that Shakespeare invented some very interesting words, including “honorificabilitudinitatibus,” which means invincible, glorious, honourableness. Lots of the Year 4 children even managed to impress us by pronouncing it confidently! Thanks 4SG!

5SP’s Class Assembly: 

On Friday 6th December, 5SP shared a fantastic assembly, which not only informed us about what they have been learning, but it also gave us some important messages about our environment and how plastic on our planet is a serious problem. They gave us all some useful tips about what we can do to help and asked us to remember the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Thanks 5SP.

4KG’s Class Assembly: 

Thank you to 4KG for their super assembly about the General Election on Friday 29th November. The children explained how the process works and introduced the main political parties and their policies. They then acted out the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and shared their thoughts about people who tell lies.

3NL’s Class Assembly: 

3NL performed a Road Safety assembly on Friday 22nd November. It was a very useful reminder for children on where and how to cross roads safely, make sure that they can be seen, particularly at this dark time of the year, and wear seat belts when they are passengers in cars. Thank you to 3NL for this vital information!

1ET’s Class Assembly:                  

1ET entertained us on Thursday 14th November with a great retelling of Room on the Broom. The children were word perfect and we all enjoyed the acting too. They brightened up a really miserable day.

1JW’s Class Assembly: 

1JW performed an amazing assembly this morning. They told the Julia Donaldson story, Room on the Broom. The children were word perfect and had all memorised their parts. Fortunately, the witch at the front didn't turn anyone into a frog!

6CB’s Class Assembly: 

6CB performed really well during their class assembly on Friday 1st November. They taught us about why people wear poppies for Remembrance Day and also about some of the major events in WW2, including the Coventry Blitz which destroyed so much of the city centre. They finished off with a lovely song about what it would have been like to have been evacuated. 

2EW’s Class Assembly:             

2EW shared their love of reading, as well as their favourite authors in their assembly on Friday 4th October. We were amazed by how well they could remember the words and actions to some of the stories they have been reading recently. Thank you 2EW!

2 JL Class Assembly:          

2JL spoke beautifully on Friday 4th October in their class assembly. They told us the story of Little Red Riding Hood and linked it to advice about how children should keep themselves safe (not necessarily from Big Bad Wolves!). It was great to have so many adults in to watch the assembly. Thanks to everyone who came.

4SG’s Class Assembly:

4SG shared information that they have learnt about weaving, on Friday 27th September. We found out the history of weaving, the machines that were used and the children even shared examples of their own. Thanks 4SG!

3HT’s Class Assembly:         

Mrs Turner's class taught us some valuable lessons about how we can stay healthy on Friday 20th September. They talked about how important it is to exercise regularly and about the different food groups. They went on to tell us about the benefits of eating a balanced diet and pointed out that we should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day (and not too much sweet stuff!).

5SH’s Class Assembly:    

On Friday 13th September we enjoyed 5SH’s assembly which was full of lots of things that the children have learned so far this year. I particularly enjoyed the 5SH version of Please Mrs Butler. It was also lovely to see the children's dream catchers and hear about what they want to be when they grow up. If they work hard and put their mind to it they can all achieve their dreams.


1EW’s Class Assembly:  

On Friday 5th July, 1EW retold the story ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ and included lots of different dances in the assembly, even the Highland Fling and a conga to finish off with. I’m sure the Strictly judges would have all given them a 10!

1SP’s Class Assembly: 

The children told us all about their favourite animals and shared some paintings of them on Thursday 5th July. They then told a story about getting a pet and sang about a trip to the zoo.

3SP’s Class Assembly:

We were treated to a fantastic class assembly by 3SP on Friday 21st June. They have been reading “How to train your Dragon” and have done a lot of work about dragons, including writing instructions and stories. In Art lessons, they have used clay to create dragon eyes and they even managed to sing an ingenious song about dragons. Thanks 3SP!  

3SH’s Class Assembly:

3SH treated us to a wonderful assembly on Friday 14th June. The class taught us many interesting facts about the Romans and Anglo-Saxons- even singing an informative song about them! They also shared all of the hard work they have carried out this term in art and DT. A brilliant assembly!

4NL’s Class Assembly: 

4NL produced a really informative assembly about electricity on Friday 7th June. They taught us about the differences between fossil fuels and renewable energy and explained how we should stay safe around electricity and its potential dangers. Their poem was excellent!

4HT’s Class Assembly      

4HT shared the story of the Great Kapok Tree in their class assembly on Friday 10th May. This was linked to their topic on Rainforests and was told from the point of view of all of the animals that lose their habitats when bits of the forest are destroyed. It was worrying to hear how much of the forests are still being removed despite us knowing the impact of this on the planet. 4HT asked us all to do our bit and use recycled products as much as possible.

5SG’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 3rd May, we heard from Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill during 5SG’s assembly which was all about World War 2. The children told us about some of the key events that happened during the war such as rationing and evacuation. If a child was evacuated for the whole war it would be equivalent to being sent away during Reception and then not returning until during Year 6, a total of 6 years! Thank you 5SG.

3SP’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 5th April, 3SP produced a fantastic assembly all about earthquakes and volcanoes. They have learnt about dormant and active volcanoes and are now able to use technical language like “tectonic plates.” They shared pictures and a video clip of their very own volcanoes being created and even erupting. They also shared an earthquake survival kit, which hopefully no one at Moat House will ever need to use! Thanks 3SP!

5SG’s Class Assembly:           

On Friday 29th March, Year 5 sang the songs that they performed at Clifford Bridge from the Morning of Music the day before. The singing was great and it was lovely to see the children performing some actions as well. They gave us a very positive message about how we can help to stop global warming in small ways by recycling and turning off lights.

2KG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 22nd March, 2KG shared their learning about transport. They told us about their visit to the Transport Museum and their knowledge about lots of different types of transport – they even created designs about what they think transport of the future might look like. The parents and children watching were especially entertained by a historical video clip which showed people’s different attempts to fly, which mostly failed! Thanks 2KG – a fantastic start to Friday!   

6JK’s Class Assembly:                  

On Friday 15th March, 6JK's assembly was split into two parts. During the first part they shared what they had learned when the magistrates were in school earlier in the week and showed us some photographs of the classroom laid out as a Magistrates Court. They then moved on to the topic of Red Nose day and finished by singing the Red Nose school song. A great assembly!

6CB’s Class Assembly:           

On Friday 8th March, 6CB taught us about the animals that represent the Chinese zodiac and revealed that they were all either born in the year of the pig or the year of the rat. They then acted out the story of Emperor Di Xin, who was the last emperor of the Shang Dynasty. The song which Miss Bird wrote to tell the story was a great way to end the assembly.

1EW’s Assembly:        

On Friday 15th February, the children in 1EW enjoyed showing us what they have been learning about in class. They have been reading Lost and Found and they showed us how well they could retell the story. They shared some fantastic artwork, featuring polar bears and they sang a beautiful rendition of Let it Shine, with percussion instruments as an accompaniment.

4NL’s Assembly:  

On Friday 1st February, 4NL acted out the story of Henry VIII and his six (yes 6!) wives. We heard about how desperate he was to have a son and heir and that he'd fallen out with the Pope who wouldn't let him have a divorce so he started his own church. We also heard about his brutal approach to two of his wives who he beheaded. He was clearly quite a character!

3SH’s Class Assembly:      

3SH thoroughly entertained us with their assembly on Friday 18th January, which was all about the Romans. We heard about some of their inventions, like central heating, their well-equipped army and how they used tactics to defeat their enemies. The children then showed us replica shields that they had designed and made. They rounded things off with a song which told us lots more about how the Romans lived.

6JK’s Class Assembly:  

6JK produced a fascinating assembly on Friday 14th December based on their Science topic of Electricity. We enjoyed their quiz and were relieved that they managed to fix the broken buzzer! There was also important information about staying safe with electricity, which can be lethal!

5SG’s Class Assembly: 

5SG delivered a really informative assembly on Friday 7th December. They shared lots of information about the early railways and steam trains, including some fabulous art work. They also told us about how to stay safe by keeping away from railways. We found out that for a modern train to stop it takes the length of 20 football pitches - a very long way!

4NL’s Class Assembly: 

4NL gave us a history lesson during their assembly on Friday 30th November, which was watched over by the Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. We learned about the different types of society that the Ancient Egyptians had. I think we all agreed that we would not like to have been slaves. We then heard about mummification, how Tutankhamun's tomb was found and how hieroglyphics were translated. With the addition of 'Walk Like an Egyptian' which was sung beautifully, it made for a great assembly.

3SP’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 23rd November, 3SP shared their learning following anti-bullying week. During anti-bullying week, they were all encouraged to make positive comments about people in their class and they especially enjoyed receiving positive comments from others. 3SP shared some important messages very clearly to a fully packed hall and we all enjoyed their uplifting song at the end! It was a lovely way to start the day – thanks 3SP.

6CB Class Assembly:  

6CB performed a spectacular assembly on Friday 16th November, which was based on the theme of the Ancient Greeks. They started by telling us about some of the gods that the Ancient Greeks believed in - they seemed to have a god for everything! They then acted out the story of the Trojan Horse and finished with a song, which Miss Bird had written especially for today's assembly. The battle scenes were epic and I was impressed that they fitted 'mischievously' (one of the Year 6 spellings) in at least twice.

1SP Class Assembly:         

On Friday 9th November, 1SP spoke very knowledgeably about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and acted out the story of the Gunpowder Plot. They spoke very clearly and recited the whole of the nursery rhyme 'Remember, Remember.' As well as this, the children showed us some of their firework pictures and finished with their firework dance.

2JL Class Assembly:        

On Friday 2nd November, 2JL taught us lots about the origins of Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up parliament with barrels of gunpowder. They went on to tell us about the end of World War 1 and a story that they have read in class about a dog, who helped soldiers when they were fighting in the trenches. They shared lots of fascinating facts with us and also a few questions about the war which they want to find out more about. They included some really important information that children should follow to keep them safe from fireworks.

1EW’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 12th October, 1EW retold the story of the Three Little Pigs in their very first class assembly! We were very impressed with their confidence, loud voices and actions, as well as how well they could remember so much detail from the story. They also shared the houses that they made as a homework project. The children especially enjoyed taking their parents back to their classroom afterwards to show the recent work that they have been learning in class.

2KG’s Class Assembly:  

On Friday 5th October, we were lucky enough to be taught all about castles by 2KG. They shared lots of interesting facts about the parts of castles, including the towers, portcullis and arrow slits, and how these parts helped to protect the people inside. They also shared lots of pictures from their recent trip to Warwick Castle. Afterwards, they sang a catchy song, which had all of the children joining in with the actions! Well done 2KG.

4HT’s Class Assembly:     

On Friday 28th September, we were treated to a fantastic assembly from 4HT, who were keen to share everything that they have been learning about the Egyptians. It was interesting to learn that the Egyptians worshipped cats and that they were grateful when the River Nile flooded as it meant that their crops would grow and they would not be hungry.

3SH Assembly:    

3SH shared a fantastic assembly, on Friday 21st September, to show us some of the things that they have been learning about The Stone Age. They told us about how archaeologists look for clues about what life was like that long ago. We saw lots of photographs of the marvellous models they have made of Stone Age homes, and they even sang us their own version of We Will Rock You! Well done 3SH!

5SR’s Assembly:  

On Friday 14th September, 5SR performed a really informative assembly about Roald Dahl, on what would have been his 102nd birthday. They shared some of their favourite books and characters as well as information about Roald Dahl's life and his thoughts about writing. There was also a guest appearance by one of his scarier characters - Miss Trunchbull!


3JK’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 6th July, we learned lots of interesting facts about the 12 best known Greek gods, including Zeus, Neptune and Aphrodite on Friday. The children explained that the Greeks literally had a god for everything and told us about how they lived on Mount Olympus, a bit like a big family. They then sang one of the songs from the Morning of Music which brought back memories from the 1960s and the time of The Beatles. A great assembly!

2JG’s Class Assembly:     

On Friday 29th June, 2JG taught us lots of interesting facts about the Great Fire of London which started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. They explained that after that the houses were replaced with ones that were built from bricks or stone. The reason the fire destroyed so many houses was that they were all wooden. Well done 2JG!

3SH’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 22nd June, 3SH produced a superb class assembly all about the fantastic work they did with Highly Sprung last term. We were treated to some video clips of their preparation work, as well as some snippets of their final performance, which was highly professional and included fancy lighting on a purpose built stage. The children demonstrated their knowledge of the planets in the solar system, through the use of words as well as actions and they shared a story that they have been reading called “Here we Are” by Oliver Jeffers.

5SG’s Class Assembly:     

5SG performed their class assembly on Friday 15th June, which had a very topical World Cup theme. We were given facts about the countries involved and we were even treated to a rendition of Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)! Well done to 5SG for speaking so loudly and clearly!

4HT’s Class Assembly:     

4HT shared lots of information about Brazil in their assembly on Friday 8th June and showed us lots of pictures of different aspects of the country from the wildlife and rainforests through to Rio de Janeiro.  It was well researched and presented and gave us a real flavour of what it would be like to live there.

5ST’s Class Assembly:

5ST gave us a really informative assembly on Friday 11th May. Not only did they teach us facts about the planets in our solar system, they also taught us a rhyme so we can remember their order from the sun. They then went on to explain why we have day and night and how the seasons change depending on which part of the planet tilts closest to the sun. Their rap song about the planets was great. I don't know how they managed to fit in all the words!

4LF’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 4th May, 4LF led the assembly fantastically.  They shared what they have been learning this year and touched on Wind in the Willows, Macbeth and all of their other topics. They included a really catchy tune which Ed Sheeran would be proud of, which they used to learn the names of the continents and specific facts about them.

1LM’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 27th April, 1LM started their assembly with a really bright song which most of the school joined in with.They then taught us lots of things about the weather and performed a class poem which was great. Well done children!

1EW’s Class Assembly:

1EW performed a wonderful assembly for us on Friday 20th April. They retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and added a couple of songs to help to tell the story. Their voices were loud and clear and their singing was beautiful. 

6NL’s Class Assembly:      

6NL performed a fantastic assembly on Friday 23rd March that covered many different areas and was full of information. To begin with, the children taught the rest of the school about South America, in particular, the history of the ancient Mayas. We learnt they were responsible for introducing chocolate to the world! They then acted out a scene from the story they are reading in Literacy - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was some brilliant acting on display, as well as some great singing Oompa Loompas! Finally, 6NL reminded us that today is Sport Relief and ended with a serious message of how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves

2JG’s Class Assembly:     

2JG produced a very interesting assembly on Friday 16th March about their topic of castles. They used loud and confident voices to tell us some of the facts that they have learnt about castles. They also enjoyed telling us about the fun they have had in Science Week, where they have enjoyed making slime and investigating which materials will best protect Humpty Dumpty when he falls. They concluded their assembly with the song that they learnt for Music Week - Lean on Me. Thanks 2JG.

Class Assemblies:  

Most Fridays we share a class assembly for parents, family and friends to enjoy. On the day of your child’s class assembly, we would like to invite parents to enjoy a tea or a coffee in our school dining hall before the assembly starts. Once you have dropped your child to his/her class, you can enter the school building and go to the dining hall, where our Learning Mentors will provide teas and coffees while you wait for the class assembly to begin.

6CB’s Class Assembly:    

We all thoroughly enjoyed learning about what happens in Magistrates Courts on Friday 9th March. 6CB acted out a case and demonstrated how magistrates reach their decisions. In a complete change of direction, they then sang a medley of songs from the 1980s which ranged from Madonna to Van Halen. Some great stuff!

3SH’s Class Assembly:     

Class 3SH produced a wonderful assembly on Thursday 8th March. The class taught us all about volcanoes and earthquakes. They explained what is needed in the event of an earthquake and even packed their very own earthquake survival kit! Then, the children explained how volcanoes erupt. They showed their volcanoes created out of bottles, cardboard and newspaper and we even got to see pictures of one of them erupting in 3SH's classroom! A brilliant assembly with lots of information given by loud, confident voices! 

2ET’s Class Assembly:      

2ET performed a very healthy assembly on Friday 26th January. They reminded us of the things we need to do to remain healthy - eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and keep clean. It was good to hear that we can still eat some cakes or chocolate but just not all of the time.

6CB’s Class Assembly: 

6CB produced a bright and colourful assembly on the theme of the Ancient Egyptians on Friday 1st December. They shared lots of interesting facts about them and then focused on Tutankhamun in particular. We learned that he became pharaoh at the age of 9 and then died when he was 18. The children then showed us how he was mummified - in far too much detail! 

3SH’s Class Assembly: 

3SH delivered a really informative class assembly on Friday 24th November. They shared lots of facts about the Romans and explained why the Roman armies were so successful. They showed us Roman shields which they had all made and finished off with a fun song which contained even more facts about the way that the Romans lived and the things they liked to do.

1EW’s Assembly: 

1EW dressed up as superheroes for this lively assembly on Monday 13th November. They discussed 'real life' superheroes like doctors, nurses and firefighters and talked about helping people being something that everyone can do. They then impressed us all with their counting skills by counting all the way to 100. 

5ST’s Assembly:

On Friday 17th November, 5ST produced a 'wonderful' assembly based on the book 'Wonder' which fitted in perfectly with anti-bullying week. We learned all about the main character, Auggie, and how he struggles to fit in because he looks different to everyone else at school. We also learned about his message: choose kind; and how some of the children are kind to him and look out for him. The class got a well-deserved ovation at the end of the assembly.

2ET's Class Assembly:

2ET shared the learning that they have done about evacuees during World War 2, on Friday 6th October. They looked very smart with their labels on and told us that if it happened to them that they would feel 'worried, scared, nervous or sad.' They shared their Blitz skyline art work which looked really effective then finished with a song to lift our spirits! A great assembly.

3JK’s Class Assembly: 

3JK gave us an insight into life in the Stone Age on Friday 29th September. They told us about how they lived, their hunting skills, their homes and their diet. We were surprised to hear that when they made a kill they ate everything they could from the animal (including the feet and brains!). They also gave an introduction to the Macmillan Coffee morning, which was really well attended.

5SG Class Assembly: 

On Friday 22nd September, 5SG gave us lots of information about World War 2 and told us about how Britain managed to defend itself during The Battle of Britain, rationing and about how families used to have to take shelter in air raid shelters at night to keep safe from bombs that were dropped. They also told us about children being evacuated to safer parts of the country from larger towns and cities. I was astonished to hear that 38,000 children never got to see their parents again! It was a really informative assembly. Well done 5SG.

4HT Class Assembly: 

4HT's assembly on Friday 15th September, focused on respect and they shared several ways that children and adults often show respect for each other. They then shared the story of Mr Rude, one of the Mr Men, and how Mr Happy eventually taught him to have manners. Luckily, we don't have anyone at school who has the same bad manners that Mr Rude had at the start of the story!

5CB Assembly:        

On Friday 7th July, 5CB presented an extraordinary array of incredible designs and inventions, which they have made during their Imagineerium project and a scientist and expert from the project joined us for the assembly. They were all based on events from Coventry's history and made reference to clock making, the fall of the Coventry city wall, the invention of the safety bicycle and the battle of Gosford Green (which I had previously never heard of). I was immensely proud of all of the children who participated.

Year 2 Assembly:

Year 2 presented a stunning assembly all about trolls on Friday 30th June! Did you know that there are good trolls and bad trolls, that female trolls get bad tempered when they first wake up and that there are over 1000 trolls living in Britain at the moment - fortunately they are able to make themselves invisible. The children had lovely costumes and spoke really clearly. Unfortunately I got a bit muddled up between trolls and ogres but the children corrected me!

4HT’s Assembly:     

4HT presented a lovely assembly on Friday 23rd June. They taught us lots of interesting things about Brazil, mentioning the way that people live, football and other sports. The assembly finished with a rhythmic performance. Many of the instruments that the children played had been homemade.

1LF Assembly:        

Wow! On Friday 19th May, we were treated to a fabulous assembly by 1LF. The children have been reading “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell and they performed the story brilliantly for us in assembly, with superb costumes and props. They finished off their performance with an energising song, which put everyone in a great mood for the day! Well done 1LF!  

Year 3's Assembly:  

On Friday 5th May, Year 3 shared some of the practical learning that they have done with the Highly Sprung performing arts group this term and performed the 'Learning Haka' which was part of their performance at the Warwick Arts Centre the previous week. It was fascinating to hear about their learning and great to see the haka!

4BC’s Assembly:           

4BC presented a great assembly on Friday 7th April, based around the learning that they've done about the story 'Toad of Toad Hall'. They shared some drawings that they'd done and lots of examples of how they have improved their writing this term. There was a short scene which was brilliantly acted out, too. They finished with a rousing version of the Pharrell Williams song, Happy, which most of the school (and some of the visiting parents) enjoyed singing along with.

Year 5’s Assembly:     

On Friday 31st March, Year 5 performed their songs from the Morning of Music which we hosted on Wednesday 29th March. The singing was great and it was lovely to see the children performing all of the actions. The rest of the school (and parents who had come to watch) also had to join in with some actions every time the alarm sounded, which was good fun. Fortunately, we all made it back to Earth safely!

Year 6’s Assembly:     

 Year 6 gave us a really informative assembly on Friday 24th March, which finished off with the Comic Relief School song. We spend a lot of time discussing British Values with our children and it was fascinating to hear how Year 6 had learned about Magistrates court and carried out a mock trial to understand the process and roles of the different people involved. On a lighter note, they shared some of the learning that they did when they had a Maya day (including the fact that the chocolate they tasted was revolting). They also explained some of the reasons that Red Nose Day exists and showed a video to support this.

2JG’s Class Assembly:

2JG produced a lovely assembly on Friday 17th March about plants and the conditions that they need to grow. The children showed us some of the plants that they have grown from seed and also shared instructions that they have written. 

5CB’s Class Assembly:  

5CB performed a really interesting assembly on Friday 10th March about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and how they helped promote equal rights in America. They also shared some marvellous art work which they had made. They then finished off with a song.

3ST Class Assembly:

On Friday 10th February, 3ST presented some fascinating facts about earthquakes and volcanoes. They explained how and why they happen and showed us some lovely artwork which they had made. When they all stamped their feet, the ground certainly shook!

2ET Class Assembly:

2ET did some wonderful mediaeval dancing as part of their castle themed assembly on Friday 3rd February. It was lovely to see their coats of arms and find out about what it was like to live in a castle. They shared some information about their recent trip to Warwick Castle and their experiences when tasting the food that peasants would have eaten. Some liked it; others hated it!

5SG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 27th January, 5SG performed a very topical assembly which was all about the USA which has been in the news a lot recently. We learned all about the 50 states, their nicknames and their populations. They finished off by singing the Star Spangled Banner, the American national anthem.

4HT’s Class Assembly:

4HT shared their version of Romeo and Juliet with us on Friday 20th January. It was filmed in technicolour and should be nominated for several Oscars! In short, it was brilliant! Well done children.

1EW’s Class Assembly:

1EW performed a vibrant and exciting assembly for us on Friday 13th January. It was the first class assembly of the year and it got 2017 off to a great start. We heard (loudly and clearly) what they have been learning in Year 1 and they finished with a song to rival Robbie Williams!

6JK’s Class Assembly:            

On Friday 9th December, 6JK’s assembly proved to be an extravaganza of music and history. They began by telling the children all about their Creative Curriculum lessons where they learned about Egyptians. The children told us all about the Gods, jobs and responsibilities of the ancient Egyptians. There was a link to the Literacy lessons too. The assembly ended with the children showing how they are learning brass instruments in school. Moat House is one of only three in the city where the children are learning to play baritones and cornets. 6JK gave a performance of Mamma Mia to end the assembly. Well done everyone.

2JG’s Class Assembly:             

2JG have been learning about the Leaf Man and they shared some wonderful Leaf Man pictures that they have made, in their assembly on Friday 2nd December. They also explained about adjectives, verbs and adverbs and retold the story of the Leaf Man. They were incredible - they had to practise the assembly at the same time as learning their Christmas Play!

4HT’s Class Assembly:             

On Friday 25th November, 4HT produced a very informative assembly about teeth, which included them reminding us how important it is to keep our teeth clean and healthy. They told us the names of the different teeth and what the dentist might say when you pay a visit to get your teeth checked. Well done to 4HT and a special thank you to Mrs Tite for leading the assembly in Mrs Turner’s absence.  

3ST’s Class Assembly:         

On Friday 18th November, 3ST answered the question, "What did the Romans ever do for us?" Their assembly contained lots of information about the Roman Empire and finished with a really catchy tune which showed us how to party like a Roman!

5CB’s Class Assembly:       

On Friday 11th November, 5CB produced a fantastic assembly and shared their learning all about World War 2. They showed us a timeline of events, poppies that they had created, as well as photographs of them tasting bread and butter pudding. They ended their assembly with a very poignant song about evacuees missing their homes and families. Thank you to 5CB.   

2ET’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 4th November, 2ET shared the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. They showed us some beautiful firework pictures and read some of the poems which they'd written. The assembly finished with a really important message about bonfires and fireworks - BE SAFE! Well done 2ET. 

2ET’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 4th November, 2ET shared the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. They showed us some beautiful firework pictures and read some of the poems which they'd written. The assembly finished with a really important message about bonfires and fireworks - BE SAFE! Well done 2ET. 

1LF’s Class Assembly:                        

On Friday 21st October, we saw some stunning examples of the progress that the children have made since joining Year 1 in writing, using squared paper and colouring. The children then told us the story 'Peace at Last'. Their story telling and actions were great.

4BC’s Class Assembly:            

On Friday 14th October, 4BC led a very interesting assembly which told us all about some of the things they had learned about the Anglo-Saxon discoveries at Sutton Hoo. We heard all about the king, Redwald, who was buried there and about some of the artefacts that archaeologists discovered there. Well done, 4BC.

2ET Class Assembly:     

We are sorry that the class assembly planned for Friday 7th October had to be postponed. Please note that the revised date for this assembly will be Friday 4th November.

3ZT’s Class Assembly:

On Thursday 29th September, 3ZT produced a fantastic assembly all about the Stone Age and its place in History. They also shared some of the amazing adjectives that they have been learning about and read out some of their writing, which proved that they could use these adjectives. Thanks 3ZT.

6SH’s Class Assembly:       

On Friday 23rd September, 6SH performed a really interesting assembly all about the Ancient Egyptians. We learned about hieroglyphics (their type of writing) and about Tutankhamun. We also found out that they invented toothpaste!

5SG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 16th September, 5SG wrote, rehearsed and performed their assembly with the minimum of adult support and did a great job of informing us about the life of Roald Dahl. They gave us lots of interesting facts about him in the centenary week of his birth. They also shared some lovely art work that they'd done about his books.

1JG’s Class Assembly:   

On Friday 8th July, 1JG performed a great assembly about the life of Grace Darling. They included information about keeping safe near water and also being safe in the sun, which we've been talking about a lot in school recently, and finished with a great song about the seaside.

2ET’s Class Assembly:   

On Friday 1st July, 2ET produced a fantastic assembly this morning all about animals and their habitats. They were able to tell us the things that all animals need to survive and they finished off with a very catchy song. It was especially impressive as they had all had a very long and tiring day at the beach only the day before! Thanks 2ET! 

2CB’s Class Assembly:   

On Friday 24th June, 2CB produced a great assembly based around The Great Fire of London. The art work was of a really high standard and, once again, Miss Bird rewrote the words to a pop song with lyrics about the fire - brilliant!

4KG's Class Assembly   

4KG produced a gold medal performance on Friday 17th June. They gave us lots of information about Brazil, including some fantastic art work based on rainforests. They then explained about the origins of the Olympic Games and told us about all the different sports that are part of the Olympics nowadays.

3DG’s Class Assembly:  

On Thursday 26th May, 3DG produced a rather sombre assembly about Operation Moonlight Sonata - the Coventry Blitz. They told us that Coventry was a target because of the industry linked to the war and also about the catastrophic effect on the city. The assembly finished on a much happier note with the children singing and dancing to The Specials! 

5NL’s Class Assembly:  

On Friday 20th May, 5NL produced an informative class assembly. They have been learning a lot about Science, including habitats and life cycles so they shared some interesting facts and completed their assembly with an entertaining song. Well done 5NL!

4SG’s Class Assembly:

A big thanks to the children of 4SG and Miss Bourne who practised the assembly with them. They told us lots of interesting information about rainforests and finished with a brilliant version of the story of the Kapok Tree.    

5HT’s Class Assembly:       

On Friday 29th April, 5HT performed a really informative class assembly which was full of interesting facts about King Henry 8th. I imagine that any lady he took a shine to would have been extremely nervous! Thank you 5HT.

1JS's Class Assembly:

On Friday 22nd April, IJS performed a lively assembly and shared lots of information about different types of animals - from amphibians and reptiles to birds and mammals. They also showed us some lovely fish that they'd decorated (along the lines of The Rainbow Fish) and finished off with a rousing song about animals. Well done 1JS!

3ZT’s Class Assembly:

We were treated to an uplifting assembly on Friday 15th April from 3ZT. The children shared their learning from last half term which included work on volcanoes, designing and making their own sandwiches as well as tag rugby. They concluded their assembly by sharing two of the songs that they had learnt for their Morning of Music, which had everyone in the hall keen to join in. Thanks 3ZT!

1JG’s Class Assembly: 

We were treated to a lovely assembly by 1JG on Wednesday 23rd March, which was all about superheroes. The children told us all about the superheroes in their lives from police officers, fire fighters and doctors to superheroes in stories that they have read and everyday superheroes like mums, dads, uncles, aunts and grandparents. The children all had very loud voices and they finished the assembly off with an Easter song.  Thanks 1JG.

4KG’s Class Assembly:

Thank you to 4KG for their assembly on Friday 18th March about Sports Relief. They informed us about the things that celebrities are doing to raise money and they made us aware of the difficulties many people face around the world, and how the money that we raise supports them. The children impressed us all with their loud clear voices and super harmony singing!

6SH's Class Assembly:

6SH have been reading different books by Roald Dahl, and on Friday 11th March, they shared some of their favourite stories, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Fantastic Mr Fox and George’s Marvellous Medicine. They also told us lots of facts about Roald Dahl’s life. Did you know that he wrote most of his books in his garden shed? Well done, 6SH! It was fantastic!

2ET's Class Assembly:

Thanks to Miss Tye's class for a really informative assembly on Friday 4th March. The children shared lots of information about Queen Elizabeth 1 and the current Queen Elizabeth. I knew that Elizabeth 1 was quite bad tempered but had not realised that she used to throw her shoes at people she was angry with! There was some lovely art work, drawings which could be on the next set of stamps, and a great song at the end.

2CB's Class Assembly: 

2CB produced a fantastic assembly on Friday 5th February all about Castles. They managed to include information about the diets of the people who lived in them (most pupils didn't like the food when they tasted it), information about how they were built and their defensive structures and a One Direction song with slightly altered lyrics all about Castles and Murder Holes!

4SG's Class Assembly: 

4SG produced a wonderful assembly on Friday 29th January and gave us lots of information about the water cycle (through a really catchy tune), how important water is for us and the planet and a few tips on how to save water, for example by turning off the tap while we brush our teeth or spending less time in the shower. They also explained that the water on the planet now is the same that was here when the planet was created and that our next glass of water might have been originally drunk by a dinosaur!