Year 3 and 4 News

4KG’s Class Assembly:

4KG gave us an assembly which was all about the internet on Friday 14th February. They shared some of the brilliant things that people use it for but also some of the problems that it can cause. They then gave us some really good advice; not to meet with anyone who you meet online, not to share personal information online and to always tell an adult if you come across things that worry you. This all linked to the work that they had done on Tuesday which was Safer Internet Day.

Sculptor in Key Stage 2:      

On Tuesday 11th – Thursday 14th February, our Key Stage 2 children worked with a specialist artist (Angela) to develop their creative skills and design their own sea themed creatures. Some of our most talented artists worked with Angela to create a large model of a sea creature out of Modroc. Then all of the children designed and created their own fishy creature out of a small water bottle. The children thoroughly enjoyed designing their creatures and the results look amazing. Angela has now created a permanent display out of the children’s creations, with the largest sea creature as an impressive centrepiece. Next time you are in school, do take a moment to look out for this display.

Y3 at Think Tank:

 On Wednesday 12th February, Year 3 visited the Think Tank in Birmingham for their Highly Sprung Inspiration day. The children were separated into three groups and worked in different areas of the museum to learn all about the heart and how to keep it healthy. They were treated to a performance, which explored how we can keep our hearts healthy.  The children found the museum truly fascinating and enjoyed learning more about the human body - some children were brave enough to watch a video of open heart surgery too!

3NL’s Class Assembly:

3NL gave us a great assembly on Friday 7th February. It started off with the toe tapping "Dem Bones." They then shared lots of interesting facts about the human skeleton and digestive system. The pasta skeletons that they made were fantastic!

Swimming in Year 4:

Every Wednesday, our Year 4 children take part in swimming lessons at AT7. They are grouped according to their ability and develop their swimming skills, which can range from developing their confidence in water, to building their swimming stamina to enable them to swim for 25 metres, which is the national expectation for the end of Key Stage 2. It would be really beneficial if parents could support this learning by taking children to the local swimming baths, after school or at weekends as it is a skill which could save their life. Please remember: for swimming lessons, boys need to wear swimming trunks that are above the knee and girls need to wear an all in one swimming costume.

4SG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 24th January, we were treated to a fascinating assembly from 4SG all about William Shakespeare. The children had researched lots of interesting facts about the famous playwright and they spoke in loud and clear voices to share what they had found out. We were surprised to discover that Shakespeare invented some very interesting words, including “honorificabilitudinitatibus,” which means invincible, glorious, honourableness. Lots of the Year 4 children even managed to impress us by pronouncing it confidently! Thanks 4SG!

Year 3 trip to Coventry City Centre:               

On Thursday 23rd January, Year 3 visited The Herbert Art Gallery and The Coventry Transport Museum. At The Herbert Art Gallery, they learned all about Coventry at War. The children took on different roles such as wardens, fire fighters, home guards and factory workers to act out scenes which would have happened during the war. They even got to have a go at winding up an air raid siren and visited two different air raid shelters. At the Coventry Transport Museum, the children learnt more about The Blitz and the blackout. They used their investigative skills to work out which materials would be best suited for blackout curtains and which materials could be used to dim the headlights on cars. Finally, the children followed instructions to make a ration burger and learned about the life of evacuees. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their day and have learned so much about the history of Coventry! 

In the week beginning Monday 16th December, our Key Stage 2 children performed a collection of Christmas songs and carols with each Year group sharing a chosen song of their own. As always, the children from Years 3 and 4 did Moat House proud and sang their hearts out – well done children!

4KG’s Class Assembly: 

Thank you to 4KG for their super assembly about the General Election on Friday 29th November. The children explained how the process works and introduced the main political parties and their policies. They then acted out the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and shared their thoughts about people who tell lies.

Anti-bullying Show:  

On Friday 22nd November, KS2 had a performance of ‘Hope’, where an adult has flashbacks to her time at school and some horrendous bullying from another girl. It was brilliantly acted out and the children got a lot out of the workshops that followed. They had the chance to discuss the play and how they would react to similar situations.

3NL’s Class Assembly: 

3NL performed a Road Safety assembly on Friday 22nd November. It was a very useful reminder for children on where and how to cross roads safely, make sure that they can be seen, particularly at this dark time of the year, and wear seat belts when they are passengers in cars. Thank you to 3NL for this vital information!

KS2 Sports Event:   

On Wednesday 2nd October, fifteen girls from KS2, attended a football competition at the AT7 Centre. The children were faced with tough competition and unfortunately didn’t win any of their matches. However, this did not dampen their spirits, they showed excellent sportsmanship and were impeccably behaved. We are incredibly proud of all of the children who attended but would like to give a special mention to Riziki who was the top goal scorer and Ndey and Darija who both performed exceptionally well in goal. All of the children will be presented with a certificate for their efforts. 

4SG’s Class Assembly:

4SG shared information that they have learnt about weaving, on Friday 27th September. We found out the history of weaving, the machines that were used and the children even shared examples of their own. Thanks 4SG!

3HT’s Class Assembly:         

Mrs Turner's class taught us some valuable lessons about how we can stay healthy on Friday 20th September. They talked about how important it is to exercise regularly and about the different food groups. They went on to tell us about the benefits of eating a balanced diet and pointed out that we should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day (and not too much sweet stuff!).

Year 4 trip to Cadbury World:       

On Wednesday 17th July, Year 4 had a fantastic day out at Cadburys' World, learning all about the history and processing of cacao beans from tree to wrapper.  The sun shone all day and the children really enjoyed themselves as they explored the factory, especially when they got to write their names in chocolate and choose their own melted chocolate treat! The 4-D cinema experience was a highlight as they 'travelled' around in Cadbury World Fantasyland, dodging flying mini-eggs and bouncing up and down the chocolate mountains roller coaster.

Y3 to Beowulf:

On Thursday 27th June the whole of Year 3 went to Warwick Arts Centre for a performance of Beowulf. They had learned the songs at school and, after a rehearsal in the afternoon, performed with a harpist, a narrator, a baroque soprano and the composer in residence. The children really enjoyed the experience and had “lots of fun.”

Anglo Saxon Day:    

On Tuesday 25th June, Year 3 had a fantastic day with an Anglo-Saxon visitor! They were able to try on Anglo-Saxon armour, examine Anglo-Saxon shields and weaponry and hear all about how the Anglo-Saxons would have lived. They also had the chance to learn an Anglo-Saxon dance, play games such as Knucklebones and Nine Men’s Morris and make an Anglo-Saxon brooch. Additionally, they had the opportunity to use a quill and ink to write using runes. All of the children had a brilliant day and are looking forward to continuing their learning about the Anglo-Saxons in their Creative Curriculum lessons!

3SP’s Class Assembly:

We were treated to a fantastic class assembly by 3SP on Friday 21st June. They have been reading “How to train your Dragon” and have done a lot of work about dragons, including writing instructions and stories. In Art lessons, they have used clay to create dragon eyes and they even managed to sing an ingenious song about dragons. Thanks 3SP!  

3SH’s Class Assembly:

3SH treated us to a wonderful assembly on Friday 14th June. The class taught us many interesting facts about the Romans and Anglo-Saxons- even singing an informative song about them! They also shared all of the hard work they have carried out this term in art and DT. A brilliant assembly!

4NL’s Class Assembly: 

4NL produced a really informative assembly about electricity on Friday 7th June. They taught us about the differences between fossil fuels and renewable energy and explained how we should stay safe around electricity and its potential dangers. Their poem was excellent!

Wasps in Year 3:       

On Thursday 6th June, Hannah and Alex from Wasps Rugby came to work with Year 3 as part of the Wasps’ Tackling Health programme. The programme uses rugby to improve children’s understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet and to increase young people’s levels of physical activity. In the first of six sessions, the children learned about the different food groups and then practised some rugby skills in a practical session.

Internet Safety Assembly:       

On Wednesday 22nd May, representatives from Google came to talk to Key Stage 2 about internet safety. They explained how to stay safe online and how to behave responsibly. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

Year 4 Quad Kids:      

On Tuesday 21st May, twenty four eager and enthusiastic Year 4 children went to Grangehurst Primary School to take part in a Quad Kids event. The children each completed a 400m run, standing long jump, javelin throw and a 50m sprint. There were four other schools taking part and the results were the strongest and closest out of all of the heats across the city. Unfortunately, we did not win the heat but we were the top scoring school for the girls’ standing long jump. All of the children tried exceptionally hard and should be very proud of themselves as it was a tough event to compete in! 

Severn Trent Water:    

On Monday 20th May, Year 4 were taught all about water wastage and how to be more mindful of the water we do use. They investigated the amount of water that different families used with measuring jugs and decided if the families were wasters or savers compared to the average amount of water used per person. To end the workshop, the children were shown a fascinating, educational video which explained how Severn Trent filter and clean the water so we are able to drink it. Year 4 were so inspired by the workshop that they created posters explaining how you can do your bit to save water. 

4HT’s Class Assembly      

4HT shared the story of the Great Kapok Tree in their class assembly on Friday 10th May. This was linked to their topic on Rainforests and was told from the point of view of all of the animals that lose their habitats when bits of the forest are destroyed. It was worrying to hear how much of the forests are still being removed despite us knowing the impact of this on the planet. 4HT asked us all to do our bit and use recycled products as much as possible.

Highly Sprung with Year 3:           

On Monday 8th April, Year 3 enjoyed their last session with the artist from Highly Sprung. 3SH and 3SP worked together for most of the day to put together their performance, which was based on volcanoes. On Wednesday, Year 3 then travelled to Coventry Transport Museum to present their performance, alongside two other Coventry schools. All of the children performed brilliantly and behaved extremely well. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch and support the children on the day! 

3SP’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 5th April, 3SP produced a fantastic assembly all about earthquakes and volcanoes. They have learnt about dormant and active volcanoes and are now able to use technical language like “tectonic plates.” They shared pictures and a video clip of their very own volcanoes being created and even erupting. They also shared an earthquake survival kit, which hopefully no one at Moat House will ever need to use! Thanks 3SP!

Highly Sprung:

On Monday 18th March, Year 3 enjoyed their second session of Highly Sprung's 'One Giant Leap' project. They explored the structure of the Earth and used movement to help understand the concept of the Earth having an inner and outer core, mantle and crust. They also worked with a partner to practise a range of different balances and jumps, exploring whether the movements required either a balance or imbalance of forces.

Highly Sprung:    

This year, Year 3 are once again taking part in Highly Sprung's 'One Giant Leap' project, along with a number of schools across Coventry and Birmingham. They had their first session of their four part workshop on Monday 11th March. With their artist, Ben, they looked at ways of using movement to help understand mathematical and scientific concepts.

4NL’s Assembly:  

On Friday 1st February, 4NL acted out the story of Henry VIII and his six (yes 6!) wives. We heard about how desperate he was to have a son and heir and that he'd fallen out with the Pope who wouldn't let him have a divorce so he started his own church. We also heard about his brutal approach to two of his wives who he beheaded. He was clearly quite a character!

3SH’s Class Assembly:      

3SH thoroughly entertained us with their assembly on Friday 18th January, which was all about the Romans. We heard about some of their inventions, like central heating, their well-equipped army and how they used tactics to defeat their enemies. The children then showed us replica shields that they had designed and made. They rounded things off with a song which told us lots more about how the Romans lived.

Year 4 trip to Stratford:   

On Thursday 17th January, Year 4 visited Tudor World in Stratford-upon-Avon. The children learnt about The Plague, crime and punishment, life on a Tudor ship, what it was like to be a soldier and the life of William Shakespeare. After lunch, the children were given a guided tour (by William Shakespeare himself!) of important Tudor landmarks in Stratford, such as the pub, which made his plays famous, the school he attended and his daughter’s home. Year 4 had a fantastic time and enjoyed acting out scenes from the Tudor era - they're really eager to learn more now too!

4NL’s Class Assembly: 

4NL gave us a history lesson during their assembly on Friday 30th November, which was watched over by the Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. We learned about the different types of society that the Ancient Egyptians had. I think we all agreed that we would not like to have been slaves. We then heard about mummification, how Tutankhamun's tomb was found and how hieroglyphics were translated. With the addition of 'Walk Like an Egyptian' which was sung beautifully, it made for a great assembly.

3SP’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 23rd November, 3SP shared their learning following anti-bullying week. During anti-bullying week, they were all encouraged to make positive comments about people in their class and they especially enjoyed receiving positive comments from others. 3SP shared some important messages very clearly to a fully packed hall and we all enjoyed their uplifting song at the end! It was a lovely way to start the day – thanks 3SP.

Year 3 End Ball Event:     

On Friday 16th November, twelve of our Year 3 children travelled to the Alan Higgs Sports Centre and took part in a festival where they played End Ball. This is a game that is similar to netball but goals are scored by throwing the ball to a member of the team in a designated spot. The children participated with enthusiasm and showed great perseverance, which was especially impressive as many of the children in the other teams were older (and taller!).

Year 4 Football Competition:                  

On Friday 12th October, eight eager Year 4 children (Sanjay, Makai, Oliwier, Molly-May, Riyam, Lexie, Tyrelle and Evan) took part in a football competition at the AT7 Centre. The odds were stacked against them with rain pouring down and pitches flooding but that didn't dampen their spirits. They played three matches in total and displayed some excellent defending skills, Makai was particularly impressive! Our goal keeper, Sanjay was a stand-out performer, so much so, that other coaches mentioned how great he was! Unfortunately they didn't make it past the group stages but they all had a fantastic time.

The Stone Age

Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age. Here are some shelters they have made.

4HT’s Class Assembly:     

On Friday 28th September, we were treated to a fantastic assembly from 4HT, who were keen to share everything that they have been learning about the Egyptians. It was interesting to learn that the Egyptians worshipped cats and that they were grateful when the River Nile flooded as it meant that their crops would grow and they would not be hungry.

3SH Assembly:    

3SH shared a fantastic assembly, on Friday 21st September, to show us some of the things that they have been learning about The Stone Age. They told us about how archaeologists look for clues about what life was like that long ago. We saw lots of photographs of the marvellous models they have made of Stone Age homes, and they even sang us their own version of We Will Rock You! Well done 3SH!

3JK’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 6th July, we learned lots of interesting facts about the 12 best known Greek gods, including Zeus, Neptune and Aphrodite on Friday. The children explained that the Greeks literally had a god for everything and told us about how they lived on Mount Olympus, a bit like a big family. They then sang one of the songs from the Morning of Music which brought back memories from the 1960s and the time of The Beatles. A great assembly!

3SH’s Class Assembly:      

On Friday 22nd June, 3SH produced a superb class assembly all about the fantastic work they did with Highly Sprung last term. We were treated to some video clips of their preparation work, as well as some snippets of their final performance, which was highly professional and included fancy lighting on a purpose built stage. The children demonstrated their knowledge of the planets in the solar system, through the use of words as well as actions and they shared a story that they have been reading called “Here we Are” by Oliver Jeffers.

4HT’s Class Assembly:     

4HT shared lots of information about Brazil in their assembly on Friday 8th June and showed us lots of pictures of different aspects of the country from the wildlife and rainforests through to Rio de Janeiro.  It was well researched and presented and gave us a real flavour of what it would be like to live there.

Highly Sprung:   

On Tuesday 22nd May, Year 3 visited the Warwick Arts Centre to perform their piece at the Highly Sprung Outcome event. They got to perform with another six schools, with over 400 children taking part in the event altogether. Through dance and movement, the Year 3s demonstrated how the universe was created and how humans have evolved over time. The children really enjoyed their time spent with the Highly Sprung team and were very well behaved throughout all of the sessions.

Year 4 Quad Event:        

On Tuesday 22nd May, twenty four of our Year 4 children participated in four different athletics events at Henley Green Primary School. The events they completed were as follows: the 400m race, 50m sprint, standing long jump and javelin. All of the children enjoyed representing Moat House and overall they came fifth.

Year 4 Art Sculpture Day:

On Wednesday 16th May, Year 4 visited Warwick Arts Centre to spend the day exploring the world of artist, John Piper, who is best known for creating the stained glass window wall in Coventry Cathedral.  The children were treated to a personalised guided tour of his latest exhibition and then created their own Piper inspired art work using a wide range of materials. After lunch, they walked around the sun soaked campus and drew and studied the various sculptures there.  They all had their own favourite works of art but the "Cat in a Suit" sculpture was especially popular.

Highly Sprung in Year 3:  

Highly Sprung worked with our Year 3 children on Thursday 10th May, for their second session. The children used their bodies to simplify fractions and they also practised the Hacker, which is a type of dance. There was a focus on team work, being willing, curious and becoming unstuck, which support the values we hold highly at Moat House.

Year 4 Warwick Trip:

On Friday 4th May, Year 4 enjoyed the opportunity to visit Warwick University to experience an Engineering and Arts day. In the morning, they designed a 'crumple zone' protection system for an egg they had been given.  This egg was placed in an acceleration chamber and only their system could save it from breaking!  For the first time ever, all of the protection systems worked and there were no damaged eggs. – the Year 4 pupils were very proud of this achievement. In the afternoon, they walked in the sunshine around the campus and investigated the various sculptures - they discussed the materials, colours and techniques used to build them.

4LF’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 4th May, 4LF led the assembly fantastically.  They shared what they have been learning this year and touched on Wind in the Willows, Macbeth and all of their other topics. They included a really catchy tune which Ed Sheeran would be proud of, which they used to learn the names of the continents and specific facts about them.

Highly Sprung:

On Thursday 3rd May, the Highly Sprung team visited Year 3. They worked with 3SH in the morning and 3JK in the afternoon. Children learnt about the differences in atmosphere between Earth, the moon and Jupiter by using role play to pretend they were walking on each of them. Children then learnt all about equivalent fractions by pretending they belonged to an alien family. Children in Year 3 were very excited to begin learning the Haka and look forward to learning more from the Highly Sprung Team next week!

Football Tournament:       

On Thursday 3rd May, ten of our Year 4 children travelled to the Alan Higgs Centre to take part in a football tournament against two other Coventry schools. They battled courageously in both matches but sadly luck was not on their side for the final result. A special mention must go to Renikah, who put in a superb performance in her role as goalkeeper. Thank you to Mr Goodbody and Mr McIlroy who transported the children and supported them throughout the tournament.

Year 3 Morning of Music: 

On Monday 19th March, Year 3 enjoyed a morning of music, along with two other Coventry schools: Hearsall and Earlsdon Primary. The theme was a Magical Mystery tour so the children sang songs from around the UK and wore decorative crowns, which they designed themselves. The children performed brilliantly and were especially enthusiastic about singing Beatlemania. They were perfect hosts to the other Coventry schools.

Magnificent Seven:         

On Tuesday 13th March, twenty children from Year 4 represented Moat House Primary School at the Coventry-wide 'Magnificent 7' sports skills tournament. This was a set of timed activities, with each pupil trying to set themselves a new personal best in each trial.  From  a range of ball skills to skipping and speed toe tapping, every child chose their own level of challenge and gave their very best all morning.  They were impeccably behaved and a real credit to our school. Each pupil was awarded a special certificate in recognition of the level of effort they showed. Well done all!

3SH’s Class Assembly:     

Class 3SH produced a wonderful assembly on Thursday 8th March. The class taught us all about volcanoes and earthquakes. They explained what is needed in the event of an earthquake and even packed their very own earthquake survival kit! Then, the children explained how volcanoes erupt. They showed their volcanoes created out of bottles, cardboard and newspaper and we even got to see pictures of one of them erupting in 3SH's classroom! A brilliant assembly with lots of information given by loud, confident voices! 

Year 3 Rugby:    

On Friday 16th February, a sporting group of eight girls and eight boys from Year 3 took part in a Tag Rugby Festival at the Alan Higgs Centre. Whilst playing against other schools, all of the children displayed the five values the Engage! coaches have taught them in their sessions - integrity, enjoyment, discipline, respect and teamwork. The children from Moat House were brilliantly behaved, had a fantastic time and were a credit to the school.

Highly Sprung:                

Year 3 visited the Birmingham Thinktank museum on Wednesday 14th February and had a fantastic time. The children worked with the staff from Highly Sprung and learnt about how the heart and lungs work, the role that DNA plays in our bodies, the planets in our solar system and how coding is used to control robots. They are thoroughly looking forward to May as they will get to work with the Highly Sprung team again!

PJs and a good book:

On Tuesday 30th January, the Year 3 children and parents were invited to take part in a special reading event. The children (and staff) dressed up in their comfy pyjamas and they all enjoyed hearing different stories in the classrooms or the library, while drinking hot chocolate and munching biscuits. We hope that you can encourage your children at home to listen to adults reading good books, as well as practising reading for themselves. Look out for more of our fantastic reading events in the future.

3JK’s Class Assembly:      

3JK wrote and performed an excellent assembly about the very serious topic of Litter on Friday 19th January. The children shared some really worrying information about how litter affects wildlife and the environment. They also showed us some pictures of animals which had eaten litter which made everyone in the hall think carefully about the impact of plastics, in particular. The posters that the children had made also delivered the message that we should not drop litter and we should recycle as much as possible.

KS2 concert:  

Our Key Stage 2 children have been busy practising some festive songs and carols, which led to two end of term performances. On Tuesday 19th December, they performed at St Chad’s Church to the volunteers who help out there and on Wednesday 20th December, they performed to a busy hall of parents, carers and friends. The children did Moat House proud and a special mention must go to the Year 6 children who showed some amazing musical talent with their skill at using the brass instruments, which they have been learning throughout this term.

Year 4 Cinema Experience:    

On Tuesday 19th December, the whole of Year 4 had a great afternoon at Grace Academy, where they were treated to a fantastic cinema experience.  They watched the film “Nativity,” which was set in Coventry. The children loved the film but stated that the best bit of the experience was the popcorn and drinks they had!

3JK’s Class Assembly: 

3JK gave us an insight into life in the Stone Age on Friday 29th September. They told us about how they lived, their hunting skills, their homes and their diet. We were surprised to hear that when they made a kill they ate everything they could from the animal (including the feet and brains!). They also gave an introduction to the Macmillan Coffee morning, which was really well attended.

4HT Class Assembly: 

4HT's assembly on Friday 15th September, focused on respect and they shared several ways that children and adults often show respect for each other. They then shared the story of Mr Rude, one of the Mr Men, and how Mr Happy eventually taught him to have manners. Luckily, we don't have anyone at school who has the same bad manners that Mr Rude had at the start of the story!

Year 4 trip to Cadbury World:              

On Monday 3rd July, Year 4 had a 'delicious' start to the week with a trip to Cadbury World on Monday, as part of their Rainforests  Creative Curriculum TOPIC.  The children were all in a TWIRL, finding out about how chocolate is produced, from bean to bar, as well as how chocolate bars have changed through time.  After a PICNIC lunch, a talk on the Mayans was given, providing some children with an opportunity to dress up in clothes made from the inside of a cactus plant (well, they used to be, says Miss C in a WISPA!)  All of the children were real SMARTIES and represented Moat House Primary well. They would like to thank Mrs Turner for organising the best trip in the whole GALAXY.  

4HT’s Assembly:     

4HT presented a lovely assembly on Friday 23rd June. They taught us lots of interesting things about Brazil, mentioning the way that people live, football and other sports. The assembly finished with a rhythmic performance. Many of the instruments that the children played had been homemade.

Imagineer Visit:      

On Wednesday 14th June, 5CB enjoyed another Imagineering session. The children worked with an engineer to start thinking about the mechanics they will need inside their machines. They worked with levers, cogs and gears to explore how different movements can be made and how they can be used to bring their machines to life.

Brilliant Club:        

The Brilliant Club started in Year 5 on Tuesday 13th June. This club is to give some children the opportunity to experience a ‘taste’ of university education. The children met their ‘tutor,’ Kat Hall from Nottingham University, and logged on to a virtual learning environment on which they will complete various tasks on the theme of ‘fairness.’

Year 3 visits to the Library:

In the week beginning 12th June, Year 3 visited Bell Green Library. They listened to a talk about the role of the library and what activities they can engage in when they are there. The children then took part in a quiz where they demonstrated what they had learned at the library. All of the children participated in activities with the librarians about their Literacy topic on Shakespeare. The children took part in crosswords, word searches, quizzes and discussions about Shakespeare and his play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and they all had the opportunity to borrow a book. Both Year 3 classes had a fantastic time and can’t wait to start reading their library book.


Year 4:

Year 4 have been learning about rainforests and they have been given a homework project. Here are some of their amazing projects:

Year 3 Notices:          

Firstly, if your child borrowed a black costume for the recent Highly Sprung performance, please could this be returned to school by Monday, as the performers will be collecting the costumes later that week. Secondly, please could Year 3 parents return their library application forms to school by Thursday 25th May, as these need to be taken to the library so that the cards can be made before the children visit in June (see dates below).

Year 3’s Assembly:

On Friday 5th May, Year 3 shared some of the practical learning that they have done with the Highly Sprung performing arts group this term and performed the 'Learning Haka' which was part of their performance at the Warwick Arts Centre the previous week. It was fascinating to hear about their learning and great to see the haka!

Year 3 at Warwick Arts Centre:    

On Friday 28th April, Year 3 travelled to Warwick Arts Centre to showcase the work they have been practising with the Highly Sprung actors. The children all performed brilliantly in front of an audience, around topics including the water cycle, light and plants and the rainforest. Two of our children (Sajda and Abdul) were very lucky and were selected to perform on stage with the professional actors. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were fantastic ambassadors.

Highly Sprung with Year 3:  

On Thursday 27th April, the Year 3 children worked really hard rehearsing for their “Highly Sprung” performance. The children used different body movements and dance routines to express ideas and messages about caring for and taking care of the environment.

4BC’s Assembly:

4BC presented a great assembly on Friday 7th April, based around the learning that they've done about the story 'Toad of Toad Hall'. They shared some drawings that they'd done and lots of examples of how they have improved their writing this term. There was a short scene which was brilliantly acted out, too. They finished with a rousing version of the Pharrell Williams song, Happy, which most of the school (and some of the visiting parents) enjoyed singing along with.

Tag Rugby:     

On Wednesday 5th April, eight of our Year 3 children (Jack, Lacey-Mai, Keya, Kaine, Ryan, Devan, Renikah and Bethlehem) took part in a tag rugby tournament at the AT7 Centre, against other local primary schools. They all tried their very best and they persevered even when it got difficult. They played six matches in total and managed to score points against the team who eventually won (Manor Park Primary School).

Year 5’s Assembly:     

On Friday 31st March, Year 5 performed their songs from the Morning of Music which we hosted on Wednesday 29th March. The singing was great and it was lovely to see the children performing all of the actions. The rest of the school (and parents who had come to watch) also had to join in with some actions every time the alarm sounded, which was good fun. Fortunately, we all made it back to Earth safely!

Morning of Music:   

On Wednesday 29th March, our Year 5 children joined together with three local primary schools (St. Laurence’s, St Patrick’s and Potters Green) to take part in a ‘Morning of Music.’ The children have been busy rehearsing for a few weeks and enjoyed singing songs with a space theme. On Friday, the children showcased their singing to their proud parents.  

Highly Sprung:

On Monday 27th March, Highly Sprung came to Moat House for their third session with Year 3. They learnt about the water cycle through performance. Charlie said: “I learnt an interesting fact about how denim is made using a chemical found exclusively in two rivers”. Layla said: “I enjoyed learning about the water cycle and using teamwork to create a performance.”

Highly Sprung:  

On Tuesday 21st March, Highly Sprung once again worked with Year 3 and engaged them with some lively activities. Bart said: “One of the most enjoyable games was shadow mirroring; this involved a child standing up and creating a shape with their whole body while another child pretended to be their shadow and copied their shape while lying down!”

Highly Sprung:               

On Monday 13th March, Year 3 had their first session with the performance artists from Highly Sprung. They were extra lucky this week as they had three artists as well as a videographer! They used their bodies to practise their times tables and to show fractions. They worked really well together and the artists said they had really enjoyed the sessions. Ask your children to show you how they did it! 

Date for your diaries: the children will be performing on Friday 28th April at the Warwick Arts Centre. Parents are invited to attend so please look out for a letter nearer the time. 

Year 4 visit to Warwick University: 

On Wednesday 15th February, the whole of Year 4 experienced a special, personalised WOW day at the University of Warwick. The theme of the day was Art and Engineering.  They had lots of help from specialist automotive engineers from the University and WMG. Their task was to design a 'crumple zone' to absorb the impact of their crashing racing car driver (who was an egg!) They used professional technical equipment to find out if they were successful and ALL of their teams were! After lunch they explored the University campus as they took part in an Art and Design treasure hunt, which led them to a big room with chocolate treasure in it! This was an excellent activity day and the children were a credit to the school.

Year 3 trip to Coventry:

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Herbert Art Gallery and the Coventry Transport Museum, on Monday 13th February. While they were there, they worked with the Highly Sprung artists. Jordan said, “When we worked with Ben, we used our bodies to make the shape of a car. I was the spoiler – it was great!” Layla said, “I learned that it takes about a month for the moon to go round the earth. I used my body to be the sun. It was a really cool day because I got to act.”

Class Assembly:

On Friday 10th February, 3ST presented some fascinating facts about earthquakes and volcanoes. They explained how and why they happen and showed us some lovely artwork which they had made. When they all stamped their feet, the ground certainly shook!

Y3 Trip to Warwick Arts Centre:        

On Thursday 2nd February, Year 3 visited Warwick Arts Centre to see the performance of ‘Tree.’ The children all enjoyed the experience and commented as follows: Leah - “it taught me about Science.” James - “I liked holding my leaf and I was allowed to take it home.” The play launches the project Year 3 will be experiencing with the Highly Sprung Company, where they will be exploring their learning through performance art.

4HT’s Class Assembly:

4HT shared their version of Romeo and Juliet with us on Friday 20th January. It was filmed in technicolour and should be nominated for several Oscars! In short, it was brilliant! Well done children.

Key Stage 2 Showcase:

On Friday 16th December, our Key Stage 2 children performed a collection of Christmas songs ranging from the traditional to the more modern. Each class shared their own individual showcase, which they performed enthusiastically. With our children wearing their Christmas jumpers and festive hats, they certainly ended the term on a high note!

Moat House and their Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat:

On Wednesday 14th December, Years 3 and 4 joined members of Grace Academy to perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. They performed in the afternoon to the Year 7s at Grace and then performed in the evening to a packed house of parents. The performance was indeed 'amazing.' They sang beautifully and were a credit to the school. It was an incredible experience and one which I doubt they will ever forget. 

4HT trip to Warwick University:            

On Thursday 8th December, 4HT visited Warwick University to learn all about Chemistry, university life and environmental sciences.  In the morning, a Chemistry professor put on an amazing display, full of colour changing explosions, hot expanding mega foam and hammering a nail into wood using a banana!  After that, they explored the campus to look at the nature that lives there, as well as see all the exciting opportunities universities have. They all received a University of Warwick 'Bright Stars' Science certificate and a yo-yo for completing the science challenge set for the afternoon.

Fire brigade in for Year 4:  

On Wednesday 7th December, Year 4 had a special visit from the Fire Service, who came to help them understand the importance of home, street and car safety.  They learnt lots about how and where to place a smoke alarm in the home, as well as what to do or not do in a fire emergency.  They also saw how important seat belt and booster seats are in cars and how to play safely near roads. They would also like to let you know that if there are no smoke alarms in your home, they are happy to come and fit them, free of charge.  All you need to do is contact your nearest fire station.

4HT’s Class Assembly:             

On Friday 25th November, 4HT produced a very informative assembly about teeth, which included them reminding us how important it is to keep our teeth clean and healthy. They told us the names of the different teeth and what the dentist might say when you pay a visit to get your teeth checked. Well done to 4HT and a special thank you to Mrs Tite for leading the assembly in Mrs Turner’s absence.  

3ST’s Class Assembly:         

On Friday 18th November, 3ST answered the question, "What did the Romans ever do for us?" Their assembly contained lots of information about the Roman Empire and finished with a really catchy tune which showed us how to party like a Roman!

Year 3 and 4 Football Tournament:        

On Wednesday 12th October, some of the children from Years 3 and 4 took part in an inter-school football competition at Centre AT7. They all played brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Although they didn’t win the competition, they did win three of the matches they played. Well done to Myah, Patryk, Tyreece, Poppy, Renikah, Letroy and Ryan.

4BC’s Class Assembly:            

On Friday 14th October, 4BC led a very interesting assembly which told us all about some of the things they had learned about the Anglo-Saxon discoveries at Sutton Hoo. We heard all about the king, Redwald, who was buried there and about some of the artefacts that archaeologists discovered there. Well done, 4BC.

3ZT’s Class Assembly:

On Thursday 29th September, 3ZT produced a fantastic assembly all about the Stone Age and its place in History. They also shared some of the amazing adjectives that they have been learning about and read out some of their writing, which proved that they could use these adjectives. Thanks 3ZT.

5SG’s Class Assembly:

On Friday 16th September, 5SG wrote, rehearsed and performed their assembly with the minimum of adult support and did a great job of informing us about the life of Roald Dahl. They gave us lots of interesting facts about him in the centenary week of his birth. They also shared some lovely art work that they'd done about his books.

Year 4 Trip to Cadbury World:

On Thursday 14th July, our Year 4 children visited Cadbury World. Everyone had a fantastic time and found out how chocolate was made. They sampled warm melted chocolate with a topping of their choice. They enjoyed a 4D cinema experience where they travelled on a roller coaster through an imaginary Cadbury World. They especially enjoyed spending money on chocolate themed goodies at the end of the day

Year 4 Samba Workshop:       

On Thursday 30th June, Mr Fox from the Coventry Performing Arts Service came to Moat House and taught the children about the music in Brazil called Samba. They learnt lots of different rhythms and got to play different Brazilian instruments.  These were called a surgo, tambourin and a repinque which were different types of drums as well as agogo bells and a ganza.  They all played different rhythms to create the sound at a carnival. After lunch they learnt more rhythms and created pieces of music related to the rainforest.  All the children had a great time, even if it was quite loud!

Year 3 Blaze:  

On Friday 24th June, 3ZT went to the Sky Dome Arena for an ice hockey lesson as part of their PE. When the children arrived, they were fully kitted up in ice hockey gear. They fully enjoyed the experience of learning how to skate and use ice hockey sticks and they all did very well considering most of them had never been on the ice before.

Year 4 Warwick Arts Centre:

On Wednesday 22nd June, the Year 4 children travelled to the Warwick Arts Centre to take part in a Wider Opportunity Event.  They have been learning the ukulele this year and had the chance to perform on a stage in front of an audience of several other schools.  The children sang and played brilliantly and were a very good audience too.  The morning ended with every school playing a part in ‘The Hall of the Mountain King.’ The children are all looking forward to performing to the school and their parents towards the end of term.

4KG's class Assembly   

4KG produced a gold medal performance on Friday 17th June. They gave us lots of information about Brazil, including some fantastic art work based on rainforests. They then explained about the origins of the Olympic Games and told us about all the different sports that are part of the Olympics nowadays.

3DG’s Class Assembly:  

On Thursday 26th May, 3DG produced a rather sombre assembly about Operation Moonlight Sonata - the Coventry Blitz. They told us that Coventry was a target because of the industry linked to the war and also about the catastrophic effect on the city. The assembly finished on a much happier note with the children singing and dancing to The Specials! 

4SG’s Class Assembly:

A big thanks to the children of 4SG and Miss Bourne who practised the assembly with them on Friday 6th May. They told us lots of interesting information about rainforests and finished with a brilliant version of the story of the Kapok Tree.

Highly Sprung in Year 3 at Warwick Arts Centre: 

On Tuesday 3rd May, Year 3 spent the day with the Highly Sprung artists at the Warwick Arts Centre. All the work that they have been doing over the last few weeks at school culminated in a fabulous performance for parents at the Butterworth Hall. The children spent the day with the artists Mark and AJ practising for the evening performance. The evening was a huge success with Moat House performing alongside the five other schools that had taken part in the ‘One Giant Leap’ project. We were so lucky to be part of the project and we would like to thank all our parents for their support. The children were a credit to you and Moat House – their manners and behaviour were impeccable and they gave it their all in the final performance. All the staff are incredibly proud!

Highly Sprung in Year 3:    

During the week beginning 25th April, the children in Year 3 enjoyed two days of working with Mark and AJ. On Tuesday 26th April, they learnt about light and dark. They created shadow dances in pairs and began to put their final performance together. On Thursday 28th April, the whole of Year 3 worked together to combine their individual class performances. They are all very excited to be going to the Warwick Arts Centre on Tuesday 3rd May to perform with the other schools taking part in the One Giant Leap project.

Highly Sprung in Year 3:           

On Wednesday 20th April, Year 3 had their second Highly Sprung session with Mark and AJ. This week there was lots of problem solving, where the children used the model of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man to work out the size of an alien. They used their developing skills of willing, curiosity, teamwork and getting unstuck to solve problems. They are very much looking forward to their next session as well as their final performance on 3rd May at Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre. Year 3 parents will have received a letter inviting them to see their children’s hard work.

Highly Sprung in Year 3:

On Thursday 14th April, Year 3 took part in their first Highly Sprung session with Mark and AJ. In the session, they used mental maths skills to solve problems, involving times tables and fractions. They showed their answers using their body parts to make contact with the floor. They will take part in more sessions with Highly Sprung over the next few weeks, which will conclude with a performance at the Warwick Arts Centre.


Y4 Tag Rugby: 

On Thursday 24th March, fourteen children from Year four (Nathaniel, Oliver, Maxine, Matthew, Jessica, Alisha, Nikita, Kian, Soloman, Sajad, Blessing, Beverly, Ayanda and Nafisa) took part in a tag rugby festival.  They got to practise the skills they had learnt over the half term with the Wasps Rugby club in matches against five other schools.  The children played really well and showed good sportsmanship.  They all enjoyed themselves despite it being a cold and wet afternoon!

Year 4 Wow Day: 

On Monday 21st March, Year 4 enjoyed their WOW day.  As their topic has been Europe and the Mediterranean, they celebrated by cooking Mediterranean food, sketching and learning a Mediterranean dance.  At the end of the day, they got together for a Mediterranean feast, where they tried the food they had made and performed the dance.  It was an enjoyable day and was a great way to conclude this term’s topic. 

Year 3 Trip:

 On Friday 18th March, Year 3 visited the Coventry Transport Museum as well as the Herbert Art Gallery as part of their work on the one Giant Leap project. The purpose of the trip was to become inspired by the achievements of people from Coventry and beyond. Nevaeh was inspired by the story of Mary Ann Evans, “I was inspired because she had to pretend to be a man to get her books published. She had to persevere and make sacrifices to do what she loved to do. She wrote under the name of George Eliot.” Amida was inspired by the works of art. She said “I love art and it was great to see so many artists work.” Filip said, “I was inspired by the fast cars because it made me think of the designing and engineering.” Cameron said, “I was inspired by all the engines and the history of making engines.”

Morning of Music:       

Year 3 enjoyed a morning of music on Thursday 17 th  March, along with two other Coventry schools: St. Patrick’s and St. John Fisher. There was a Brazilian theme entitled “the Road to Rio” so the children sang carnival songs and wore brightly coloured decorative hats, which they designed themselves. Each school performed their own party piece and Moat House performed a samba, which involved dancing and playing percussion instruments. The children performed brilliantly and were perfect hosts to the other Coventry schools.

Warwick Arts Centre:

On Tuesday 1st March, Year 3 went to the Warwick Arts Centre to see the performance of ‘Up, up and away.’ Aaron said “it was amazing because the actors threw clouds into the audience.” Robyn said “when Jo (the main character) was reading his book I thought of my sister. My sister reads books all of the time.” Filip said “I liked the part where Jo had swimming lessons because it was funny. He didn’t want to go in the water.” Lacey said “It was great going to the theatre and seeing the actors on stage.” The play launches the project Year 3 will be experiencing with the Highly Sprung Company. They will be exploring their learning through performance art.

4SG Ukulele event:

The children in 4SG have been lucky enough to be learning the ukulele this year.  It is taught by Mrs Clayton from the Performing Arts Centre in Coventry.  On Monday 22nd February we invited parents to come and listen to what the children have learnt so far.  The children performed very well and enjoyed the experience of performing in front of an audience for the first time.  Thank you to those who were able to come and listen.  We hope to do this again later in the year.

4KG Ukelele event:         

The children in 4KG have been lucky enough to be learning the ukulele this year.  It is taught by Mrs Clayton from the Performing Arts Centre in Coventry.  On Monday 8th February parents were invited to come and listen to what the children have learnt so far.  The children performed very well and enjoyed the experience of performing in front of an audience for the first time.  Thank you to those who were able to come and listen.  We hope to do this again later in the year.

Year 3 Rugby:

On Thursday 11th February, some of our Year 3 children took part in a tournament against other Coventry schools to celebrate their participation in the “Something to Chew On” programme. They all enjoyed representing Moat House and were lucky enough to have their photograph taken with former WASPs and England player, Paul Sackey.

Year 4 Homework Treat:

On Thursday 11th February, the children in year four who had completed all of their homework over this half term were treated to a Masked Ball, as they have been learning about Romeo and Juliet.  The children made a collage heart to give to someone and enjoyed a drink, crisps and biscuits whilst listening to music.  They all had a great time, wearing the masks they had designed and made!


Every Wednesday for most of this half term our Year 3 children are very lucky to be taking part in a programme called “Something to Chew On.” It has been set up by Premiership Rugby and Public Health England to teach children about health and wellbeing. Already the children have learned about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, which has included them developing their knowledge about vitamins and nutrients. Within PE, they are being taught the skills and knowledge to play tag rugby. This will lead to a tournament where some of the children will be given the opportunity to represent the school by playing tag rugby in a competition against other local schools. The staff leading the programme have been extremely impressed by the behaviour and attitudes of our Year 3 children.  Our Year 4 children will have the opportunity to take part in this programme later in the Spring term.

Year 4 Trip to Yorvik Centre:

On Monday 23rd November, our Year 4 children visited the Yorvik Centre, in York, to support their learning about the Vikings.  They went on a tour around a replica Viking village and were able to both see and even smell what it would have been like at the time.  They also had the opportunity to become archaeologists and discover treasures from various periods in history.  It was a very long day, but all of the children had a great time and showed excellent behaviour.

Year 4 Ice Rink Trips:

On 9th and 12th November, our Year 4 children had the opportunity to practise their ice hockey skills with Coventry Blaze.  At first, the children were very tentative on the ice, however as the session went on, their confidence grew and they developed their ice hockey skills.  The children looked great in their kit and had a fantastic time, despite the many falls!

Year 3 and 4 Homework Reward Trip:

On Wednesday 8th July, the children who had completed all their homework this term, were treated to a trip to the War Memorial Park.  The children enjoyed a picnic and ice cream and spent the afternoon playing in the sand on the various playground equipment.  Despite one heavy shower, the children had a lovely afternoon and showed good behaviour at all times.

Year 3 and 4 Homework Reward Trip:

On Wednesday 8th July, the children who had completed all their homework this term, were treated to a trip to the War Memorial Park.  The children enjoyed a picnic and ice cream and spent the afternoon playing in the sand on the various playground equipment.  Despite one heavy shower, the children had a lovely afternoon and showed good behaviour at all times.

Year 3 Morning of Music:

This term, our Year 3 children have been busy practising a range of songs with the theme “Food,” to prepare for a special musical event at Grangehurst Primary School. On Tuesday 24th March, the children enjoyed a morning of music alongside three other primary schools. The children had also prepared a special party piece for the other schools to enjoy, which was “Food Glorious Food,” from the musical Oliver. They children performed brilliantly and even used kitchen utensils to accompany their singing!

4KG Wow Day:

On Tuesday 24th March, 4KG visited Pizza Express to support their topic of Europe, where they have been focussing on the Mediterranean.  They were given the opportunity to make their own pizzas and had to roll out the dough before adding the tomato and cheese.  The children learnt about the ingredients needed and took part in a quiz to find out more about them all. They enjoyed being able to create a pizza themselves and once they arrived back to school, were very eager to taste them!