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Moat house primary school

Moat house primary school

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Headteacher Award

Headteacher awards are rewarded to children who complete a particularly good piece of work or display especially positive behaviour. Childen receive a special sticker, are congratulated in our weekly newsletter and a text message is sent home so that parents/carers are notified.


These have been awarded to children who have engaged well with their virtual learning throughout the lockdown and in many cases 'gone the extra mile' with their learning.


WC: 30th April 2021

Year 2: Eric, Panashe and Max


WC: 22nd March 2021

Year 2: Marshall

Year 3: Laycie

Year 6: Nail


WC: 8th March 2021

Year 2: Adam, Schako

Year 3: Laura

Year 6: Arsema


WC: 1st March 2021

Reception: Adrian

Year 1: Umar, Ashfaina, Gabriel & Olivia C

Year 2: Schako, Husna, Alexander, Seren & Adam

Year 3: Juliette, Poppy-Lou, Antoni & Charlotte

Year 4: Emily, Xavier & Senai

Year 5: Ryan, Maria, Ashanti & Alicja

Year 6: Nikita, Lacey P, Lulya & Lexie

Working Together