Special Educational Needs (SEN)

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Moat House Primary School SEN Information Report

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Here at Moat House, we recognise that children sometimes need a bit of extra support to help them to thrive.

To help us to meet the needs of all of our children, we are setting up an additional facility in school called The Hive. Our aim is that The Hive will give the children in need of a bit of a boost, the support they need, in a nurturing environment.

At our half-termly Pupil Progress meetings, which are attended by the class teacher, Phase Leader, SENCo and Head Teacher, children who may benefit from accessing The Hive will be discussed and the progress of those who have attended will be reviewed. Clear outcomes will be set for children attending The Hive and learning completed in The Hive will focus on achieving those outcomes.

Generally, the children will access The Hive for half a morning, Monday to Friday, for approximately six weeks. When progress is reviewed, it may be felt that a child may benefit from accessing The Hive for a longer period.

Children will be taught in small groups by myself and two experienced Teaching Assistants. Learning will be shared with the child’s class teacher, to make links with other areas of learning.

Parents will be informed if their child will be accessing The Hive and will be invited to discuss the decision with myself  Parents will be updated when progress is reviewed.

The children really enjoy coming to the Hive:

"I love the Hive because of the calming music and because it doesn't matter if we get things wrong. The more we try, the better we get!" Lily.

"I am getting better with my writing in the Hive. It is fun!" Kaydon.

"I really like working with Mrs Francioso in the Hive because she helps us to get better." Jacob.

Mrs Francioso

SENCo and PPG Lead

Autumn 2018

We know that some of our children find playtimes and lunchtimes difficult, so we have introduced a brand-new Nurture provision for lunchtimes.. Here at Moat House we recognise how important it is to support children with these skills for life. A successful playtime and lunchtime means that the children return to lessons ready to learn, too.

The aim of the provision is to help support children with who have difficulties with:

· Social behaviour.

· Making friends/maintaining friendships.

· Recognising their own emotions and displaying their emotions appropriately.

· Recognising the emotions of others.

· Turn taking.

· Communicating with others.

· Feelings.

Class teachers, Learning Mentors and myself suggest children who we think will benefit from attending Nurture and activities are planned to try and meet the children’s individual needs. There is a big focus on fun, too!

Nurture is led by a Learning Mentor and a HLTA, in consultation with myself. It takes place in a specially designated room near the playground.

The children selected to  attend  do so for two lunchtimes a week, for around 30 minutes a time. Children are encouraged to transfer the skills that they have been working on in Nurture to when they are on the playground by accessing the playground three days a week.

After a child has attended Nurture for a set amount of time, staff will review how successful the provision has been and whether the child needs to continue to attend. Parents are informed if their child is attending Nurture, and are welcome to talk to myself about it at any time.

Mrs Francioso

SENCo and PPG Lead